Staff Spotlight

Ann S. Cordell

Ann Cordell headshotStaff Archaeologist
Florida Museum of Natural History
106 Dickinson Hall
Museum Road & Newell Drive
GainesvilleFL 32611



M.A. in Anthropology, University of Florida, 1983

B.S. in Geology, University of Florida, 1993

Ceramic Technology Laboratory


Current Projects

Petrographic analysis of middle woodland Swift Creek Complicated Stampedpottery from Florida and Georgia, with Dr. Neill Wallis (FLMNH Assistant Curator of North Florida Archaeology) and Dr. Thomas Pluckhahn (University of South Florida).

Petrographic characterization of Refuge period pottery from the Georgia/S.Carolina coast, with Dr. Ray Crook (deceased), University of West Georgia.

Petrographic characterization of early St. Johns pottery from Florida and the SE US, with Dr. Christopher Hays (University of Wisconsin-Wahington County) and Dr. James B. Stoltman (University of Wisconsin-Madison).



Dr. Discovery program in summers for FLMNH-Powell Hall Discovery room


Representative Publications

Cordell, A.S. In press. Technological Investigation of Pottery Variability at the Pineland Site Complex. In: The Archaeology of Pineland: A Coastal Southwest Florida Village Complex, edited by K.J. Walker and W.H. Marquardt, Monograph 4 of the Institute of Archaeology and Paleoenvironmental Studies, University of Florida, Gainesville.

Wallis, N.J. and A.S. Cordell. In Press. Swift Creek Interactions Under the Microscope: Petrographic Analysis of Pottery and Clay Samples from the Atlantic Coast. Chapter 4 in Life Among the Tides, edited by V.D. Thompson and D.H. Thomas. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History.

Cordell, A.S. and K. Deagan. In Press. Paste Variability and Clay Resource Utilization in 16th Century Aboriginal Pottery from the Fountian of Youth Site, St. Augustine, Florida, 8SJ31. Chapter 5 in Life Among the Tides, edited by V.D. Thompson and D.H. Thomas.Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History.

Pluckhahn, T.J. and A.S. Cordell. 2011. Paste Characterization of Weeden Island Pottery from Kolomoki and Its Implications for Specialized Production. Southeastern Archaeology Volume 30(2):288-310.

Wallis, N.J., A.S. Cordell, and L.A. Newsom. 2011. Using hearths for temper: petrographic analysis of Middle Woodlandcharcoal-tempered pottery in Northeast Florida. Journal of Archaeological Science Volume 38: 2914-2924.

Cordell, A.S. 2004. Paste Variability and Possible Manufacturing Origins of Fiber-tempered Pottery from Florida. In Early pottery: technology, function, style, and interaction in the lower Southeast, edited by R. Saunders and C.T. Hayes, pp. 63-104. University of Alabama Press.