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Dr. Andrew W. Kratter

Andy Kratter portraitOrnithology Collections Manager
350 Dickinson Hall
Museum Road & Newell Drive
GainesvilleFL 32611



Ph.D. Louisiana State University, 1995

Complete Curriculum Vitae

Florida Museum Ornithology


Research Interests

  • Habitat selection and specialization of topical forest birds, particularly in Amazonia, the Andes, and islands in Melanesia
  • Comparison of extant and prehistorical faunas on tropical islands
  • Biogeography and systematics of North American birds



Recent ornithological fieldwork in Vanuatu (2002-03), Peru (2002, 1996), Trinidad (2001-02), and the Solomon Islands (1997-98). Basic avifaunal surveys including specimen preparation.


Courses Taught

Avian Anatomy and Specimen Preparation (Zoology 6927). Spring 2004, Fall 2001, Fall 1999.


Representative Publications

Banks, R. C., C. Cicero, J. L. Dunn, A. W. Kratter, P. C. Rasmussen, J. V. Remsen, Jr., J. A. Rising, D. F. Stotz. 2004. Forty-fifth supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union check-list of North American birds. Auk 121.

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Kratter, A. W., and D. W. Steadman. 2003. First Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico record of Short-tailed Shearwater (Puffinus tenuirostris). North American Birds 57:277-279.

Kratter, A. W. 2002. review of: Birds of north Melanesia: speciation, ecology, and biogeography. E. Mayr and J. M. Diamond. Auk 119:883-888.

Kratter, A. W., T. Webber, T. Taylor, and D. W. Steadman. 2002. New specimen-based records of Florida birds. Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History 43:111-161.

Kratter, A. W., D. W. Steadman, C. E. Filardi, C. E. Smith, H. P. Webb. 2001a. The avifauna of a lowland forest site on Isabel, Solomon Islands. Auk 118: 472-483.

LeCroy, M., A. W. Kratter, D. W. Steadman, and H. P. Webb. 2001.Accipiter imitator on Isabel Island, Solomon Islands. Emu 101: 151-155.

Kratter, A. W., and M. K. Hart. 2001. Pursuit and capture of a Ring-billed Gull by Bald Eagles. Florida Field Naturalist 28:198-200.

O'Neill, J. P., D. F. Lane, A. W. Kratter, A. P. Capparella, C. Fox J. 2000. A striking new species of barbet (Capitonidae: Capito) from the eastern Andes of Peru. Auk 117: 569-577.

Kratter, A. W. 1997. Bamboo specialization by Amazonian birds. Biotropica 29:100-110.