Staff Spotlight

William H. Marquardt, Ph.D.

Bill Marquardt portraitCurator in Archaeology
Florida Museum of Natural History
106 Dickinson Hall
Museum Road & Newell Drive
GainesvilleFL 32611



Curriculum Vitae

South Florida Archaeology & Ethnography


Concurrent Appointments

Director, Randell Research Center

Director, Institute of Archaeology and Paleoenvironmental Studies

Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, University of Florida


Research Interests

Dialectical approaches to structure and process

Emergence of sociopolitical complexity and state formation, especially in the southeastern United States and circum-Caribbean areas

Processes of archaeological site formation/deformation

Epistemology of spatial and locational analysis

Archaeology and history in public education



Curator, Hall of South Florida People and Environments, Florida Museum of Natural History (permanent exhibit)

Project Director, Calusa Heritage Trail, Randell Research Center at Pineland


Representative Publications

Marquardt, William H. and Karen J. Walker 2012 Southwest Florida During the Mississippi Period. In Late Prehistoric Florida: Archaeology at the Edge of the Mississippian World, edited by K. Ashley and N. M. White, pp. 29-61. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

Marquardt, William H. 2010 Shell Mounds in the Southeast: Middens, Monuments, Temple Mounds, Rings, or Works? American Antiquity75(3):551-570.

Marquardt, William H. 2010 Mounds, Middens, and Rapid Climate Change During the Archaic-Woodland Transition in the Southeastern United States. In Trend, Tradition, and Turmoil: What Happened to the Southeastern Archaic? edited by D. H. Thomas and M. C. Sanger, pp. 253-271. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, vol. 93. New York.

Marquardt, William H. and Patty Jo Watson (editors and contributors) 2005 Archaeology of the Middle Green River Region, Kentucky, 657 pp. Institute of Archaeology and Paleoenvironmental Studies, Monograph 5. University of Florida, Gainesville. (Distributed by University Press of Florida.)

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Marquardt, William H. 1985 Complexity and Scale in the Study of Fisher-Gatherer-Hunters: An Example from the Eastern United States. In Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers: The Emergence of Cultural Complexity, edited by T. D. Price and J. A. Brown, pp. 59-98. Academic Press, Orlando.