Staff Spotlight

Dr. Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson portraitKatharine Ordway Professor of Ecosystem Conservation
305 Dickinson Hall
Museum Road & Newell Drive
GainesvilleFL 32611



Ph.D. Princeton, 1984


Research Interests

I study the ecology, behavior, and conservation of birds. My laboratory uses the approaches and theoretical insights of basic ecology and behavior to study questions of conservation significance in various ecosystems in North America and in the tropics. Current research projects include effects of forest and grassland conservation on birds in the American Midwest, effects of urbanization on birds communities, avian brood parasitism, and tropical forest bird community organization and conservation. I am especially interested in determining the decision rules used by birds in selecting breeding sites and then determining if these rules are adaptive in human-modified habitats.


Courses Taught

Avian Biology, Spring 2005


Graduate Students

Gustavo Londono, M.S./Ph.D. Candidate, co-advised by Doug Levey
Studying the effects of nest microclimate on the ecology and behavior of adult birds along elevational and successional gradients.

Wendy Schelsky, Ph.D. Candidate
Studies colonial weavers in Uganda to address the decision rules used by birds faced with an almost completely human-altered landscape.


Representative Publications

Russo, S.E., J. Terborgh, and S.K. Robinson. 2003. Size:abundance relationships of an Amazonian forest bird community: Implications for the energetic equivalence rule. American Naturalist 161:267-283.

Van Bael, S.A., J.D. Brawn, S.K. Robinson. 2003. Birds defend trees from herbivores in a neotropical forest canopy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A. 100:8394-8307.

Robinson, S. K., and W.D. Robinson. 2001. Avian nesting success in a selectively harvested north temperate deciduous forest. Conservation Biology 15:1763-1771.

Brawn, J.D., S.K. Robinson, F.R. Thompson,III. 2001. The role of disturbance in the ecology and conservation of birds. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 32:251-276.

Rothstein, S.I. and S.K. Robinson, eds. 1998. Avian brood parasitism: Studies in coevolution. Oxford University Press, Oxford, England