Staff Spotlight

Dr. Neill J. Wallis

Neill Wallis portraitAssistant Curator, Florida Archaeology
130 Dickinson Hall
Museum Road & Newell Drive
GainesvilleFL 32611



Ph.D., University of Florida, 2009


FLMNH Florida Archaeology Collection

2013 Suwannee Valley Archaeological Field School - Application Information (PDF)


Research Interests

My research is focused primarily on the archaeological record of pre-Columbian Florida and the southeastern United States. Within this context, I am particularly interested in patterns of hunter-gatherer mobility and settlement, community organization, pan-regional ritualization and exchange, and histories of monumentality. In addition to traditional field and laboratory techniques, I use materials analyses, such as mineralogical and chemical characterization of ceramics, to better understand artifact provenance and histories of use.


Ongoing Fieldwork

Big Bend region of the Florida Gulf Coast

North-Central Florida


Courses Taught

2012 Suwannee Valley Archaeological Field School (ANT 4123/4124)

Florida Archaeology (ANT4930)

Archaeological Ceramics (ANG6122C)



Ann Cordell - Staff Archaeologist/Director, Ceramics Technology Laboratory

Donna Ruhl - Collection Manager


Representative Publications

Wallis, Neill J. 2011. The Swift Creek Gift: Vessel Exchange on the Atlantic Coast. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa.

Wallis, Neill J., Ann S. Cordell, and Lee A. Newsom. 2011. Using Hearths for Temper: Petrographic Analysis of Middle Woodland Charcoal-Tempered Pottery in Northeast Florida. Journal of Archaeological Science 38:2914-2924.

Wallis, Neill J., and Amanda O'Dell. 2011. Swift Creek Paddle Designs from the Florida Gulf Coast: Patterns and Prospects. The Florida Anthropologist 64(3-4):187-205.

Wallis, Neill J., Matthew Boulanger, Jeffrey R. Ferguson, and Michael D. Glascock. 2010. Woodland Period Ceramic Provenance and the Exchange of Swift Creek Complicated Stamped Pottery in the Southeastern United States. Journal of Archaeological Science37:2598-2611.

Wallis, Neill J. 2008. Networks of History and Memory: Creating a Nexus of Social Identity in Woodland Period Mounds on the Lower St. Johns River, Florida. Journal of Social Archaeology 8(2):236-271.

Wallis, Neill J. 2007. Defining Swift Creek Interaction: Earthenware Variability at Ring Middens and Burial Mounds. Southeastern Archaeology 26(2):212-231.

Hendryx, Greg S., and Neill J. Wallis. 2007. Woodland Period Swift Creek and Colorinda Settlement along the St. Johns River, Florida: A View from the Tillie Fowler Site (8DU17245). The Florida Anthropologist 60(4):179-200.

Wallis, Neill J. 2006. The Case for Swift Creek Paddles as Totemic Symbols: Some Anthropological Considerations. The Florida Anthropologist 59:55-61.

Ashley, Keith H., and Neill J. Wallis. 2006. Northeastern Florida Swift Creek: Overview and Future Research Directions. The Florida Anthropologist 59:5-18.

Wallis, Neill J. 2004. Perpetuating Tradition on the Lower St. Johns: Pottery Technology and Function at the Mayport Mound, FL, 8DU96. The Florida Anthropologist 57:271-298.


Current External Funding

2011-2013 Collaborative Research: Sourcing Interaction in the Woodland Period Southeast U.S.: Integrated Approaches to Swift Creek Ceramics. NSF BCS- 1111397 $87,073
2011-2012 Modeling Mobility, Exchange, and Recontextualization through Woodland Period Pottery in the Southeastern United States. Wenner-Gren Foundation 8337 $20,000