Staff Spotlight

Dr. Hongshan Wang

Hongshan Wang portraitCollection Manager, Paleobotany & Palynology
229 Dickinson Hall
Museum Road & Newell Drive
GainesvilleFL 32611



Ph.D. University of Florida, 2002

Full Curriculum Vitae

Florida Museum Paleobotany & Palynology


Research Interests

  • Cretaceous Angiosperm Flora of the Western Interior, USA
  • Systematics of Platanaceae
  • Late Paleozoic Flora and Stratigraphy of North China


Representative Publications

Wang, H.S. and D.L. Dilcher, 2003 (submitted). Aquatic angiosperms from the Dakota Formation (Albian-Cenomanian, Cretaceous), Hoisington III locality, Kansas, USA. Geological Society of America special paper, the Wetlands through Time volume.

Wang, H.S. and D. L Dilcher, 2003 (submitted). Angiosperm Leaf Megafossils from the Dakota Formation: Braun’s Ranch Locality, Cloud County, Kansas, USA. Palaeontographica Abteilung B.

Wang, H.S., 2002. Diversity of Angiosperm leaf megafossils from the Dakota Formation (Cenomanian, Cretaceous), North Western Interior, USA. Department of Geological Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. Pp. 395. (Ph.D. dissertation).

Wang, H.S. 2001 (Book review), Plant Science Bulletin, Volume 46 Number 3: P. Jones and N.P. Rowe (eds.), Fossil Plants and Spores: Modern Techniques.

Wang, H.S., Sheng A. and Yang G.X., 2000. Asterotheca from Permian of Pingdingshan, Henan Province and its relationship with Scolecopteris, Chinese Bulletin of Botany, 17(special issue): 179-183.

Yang, G.X., Sheng, A. X. and Wang, H.S., 1997. A new species: Szea (Cladophlebis) henanense sp. nov. from Henan Province and its evolutionary significance. China Science Bulletin 42(12):1023-1027 (In both Chinese and English).

Xiao, Z.Z., Yang, H. L., Shan, Q. S., Zhang, Q.B., Wang, H.S., Guan, S. Z., Hong, Y.C. and Xin, W.J., 1996. The Cretaceous non-marine sequences in Xishan Area, Beijing. 30th International Geological Congress Field Trip Guide T215. Geological Publishing House, Beijing pp.1-16.

Wang, H.S. and Yang, G.X., 1996. Microscopic study of Qasimia from the Permian of western Henan Province, Central China. Paleobotanist 45:255-258.

Yang, G.X., Wang H.S. and Sheng A.X., 1996. Morphological and microscopic study on Scolecopteris from China. Paleobotanist 45:238-246.