Angiosperm Tree of Life - Assembling the Tree of Life

Part of the National Science Foundation's Assembling the Tree of Life Program

Please view our preliminary tree of angiosperm relationships based on 584 taxa (including 577 angiosperm taxa) and 12 genes (25,352 aligned nucleotide positions).  This tree was computed using RAxML; the analysis was partitioned by gene region.

Data & Posters

  • AToL Poster
  • ATOL II proposed plastid genomes
  • Taxon Table
  • Plastid List
  • Plastid - Phylogenetic Trees
  • Targeted Sequencing: Ericales
  • Targeted Sequencing: Lamiales
  • Targeted Sequencing: Campanulids
  • Targeted Sequencing: Malpighiales
  • External Databases
    These web-based applications organize independent data that was collected from this project.

  • GENBank
  • Morphbank
  • International Plant Names Index (IPNI)
  • TreeBASE
  • Tropicos
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