Angiosperm Tree of Life - Assembling the Tree of Life

Part of the National Science Foundation's Assembling the Tree of Life Program

Principal Investigators

Site under construction. Below is a partial list of students and visiting scientists who have been or are currently being supported by the AToL Project.

  • University of Florida
  • Doug and Pam Soltis, PIs
    Charles Bell
    Shuguang Jian
    Michael Moore
    Hengchang Wang
    Graduate Students
    Monica Arakaki
    Samuel Brockington
    Christine Edwards
    Maribeth Latvis
    Undergraduate Students
    Roolse Alexandre
    Jeremy Ramdial
    Walter Judd, PI
    Barbara Carlsward
    Steve Manchester, PI
    Nico Cellinese, PI
    Reed Beaman, PI

  • University of Arizona
  • Mike Sanderson, PI
    Gordon Burleigh

  • Harvard University
  • Charles Davis, PI
    Wenheng Zhang
    Graduate Students
    Cathy Rushworth
    Brad Ruhfel
    Zhenxiang Xi
    Undergraduate Students
    Michelle Gomez
    Stephen Yee
    Henry Cowles

  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Ken Wurdack, PI

  • University of Washington
  • Dick Olmstead, PI

  • University of Wisconsin
  • Kenneth Systma, PI

  • Virginia Tech University
  • Khidir Hilu, PI
    Visiting Scientists
    Diaga Diouf, Senegal
    Anya Hinkel
    Graduate Students
    Michelle Barthet
    Sunny Drysdale
    Undergraduate Students
    Chelsea Black
    Shelly Newman
    Sabrina Majumder
    Rachel Moebus
    M. Caroline Grist
    Dipan Oza

  • Yale University
  • Leo Hickey, PI
    Michael Donoghue, PI
    Wendy Clement
    David Tank
    Richard Winkworth
    Graduate Students
    Jeremy Beaulieu
    Brian Moore
    Stephen Smith