Angiosperm Tree of Life - Assembling the Tree of Life

Part of the National Science Foundation's Assembling the Tree of Life Program

Morphological Research

Focusing on Five Groups: Malpighiales, Ericales, Saxifragales, Carylophyllales, and Lamiales

Observations are available in the morphological database MorphBank, R. Ronquist).

  • Completed over 100 morphological characters assessments on 140 taxa - all images documented by SEM or photographs

  • Assessing the pattern of variation within these characters within these clades; currently, 93 morphological characters for Malpighiales have been developed

  • The completion of characters of these five groups will be mapped onto various molecular topologies, and will provide a test of the methodology on integrating morphological data onto the eventual 370-taxon cladogram of angiosperms.

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