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professional staff
July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011
Director’s Office
Director – Douglas S. Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Director – Beverly S. Sensbach
Assistant to the Director – Griffin E. Sheehy
Budget and Human Resources
Assistant Director – A. Darlene Novak
Office Manager – Barbara L. Hackett
Pcards/Purchasing/Travel – Katie M. Suggs , Shuronna C. Wilson
Personnel/Payroll – Christian B. Pickles, Arja A. Rompotti-Horn
Center for Informal Science Education
Program Director – Betty A. Dunckel, Ph.D.
Project Director – Shari A. Ellis, Ph.D.
Project Director – Dale Johnson
Science Coordinator – Matthew Trager, Ph.D.
Secretary – Dona-Marie Mintz/Stephanie Kelly
Development Director – Joshua D. McCoy
Assistant Director of Development and Membership –
Leslie L. Ladendorf
Development Assistant – Brittany Snipes
Secretary – Susan A. Jarzen
Graphic Design Coordinator – Elecia J. Crumpton
Marketing and Public Relations
Assistant Director – Paul E. Ramey, APR
Coordinator – Leeann K. Bright
Photographer – Jeffrey L. Gage
IT Director – William G. Paine
Systems Administrator Lead – Warren Brown
Systems Administrator – Andrew Lievertz
Webmaster – Sarah E. Fazenbaker
Tech Support Lead – Timothy J. Talley
IT Expert – Hilary F. Miller
IT Practitioner – Richard A. Swilley
Department of Natural History
(Collections & Research)
Associate Director and Chair – DavidW. Steadman, Ph.D.
Assistant to Chair & Anthropology Registrar –
Elise V. LeCompte
Facilities Manager – George D. Hecht
Program Assistant – Pamela W. Dennis
Caribbean Archaeology
Curator – William F. Keegan, Ph.D.
Environmental Archaeology
Associate Curator – Katherine F. Emery, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Irvy R. Quitmyer
Florida Program for Shark Research
Director and Curator, International Shark Attack File –
George H. Burgess
Education Coordinator – Cathleen L. Bester
Post-Doctoral Research Associate –
Yannis Papastamatiou, Ph.D.
Curator and Keeper – Norris H. Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Curator – Nicoletta Cellinese, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Kent D. Perkins
(Herbarium Continued)
Sr. Biologist – W. Mark Whitten, Ph.D.
Program Assistant – Gertrude R. Lindler
Curator – Max A. Nickerson, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Kenneth L. Krysko, Ph.D.
Interim Curator – Lawrence M. Page, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Robert H. Robins
Associate Curator – Reed Beaman, Ph.D.
Assistant Curator – Nicoletta Cellinese, Ph.D.
IT Experts – Christopher M. Goddard, Katarzyna Rachwal
Post-Doctoral Research Associates –
Haijun Zhu, Ph.D., Russell L. Watkins, Ph.D.
Invertebrate Paleontology
Curator – Douglas S. Jones, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Roger W. Portell
Laboratory Technician – Brian A. Kittle
Museum Operations Specialist – SeanW. Roberts
Katharine Ordway Chair
of Ecosystem Conservation
Eminent Scholar – Scott K. Robinson, Ph.D.
Latin American Art and Archaeology
Curator – Susan Milbrath, Ph.D.
Curators – Gustav Paulay, Ph.D. , Fred G. Thompson, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – John D. Slapcinsky
Collection Assistant – Amanda M. Bemis
Post-Doctoral Research Associate – Arthur Anker, Ph.D.
Associate Curator – David L. Reed, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Candace L. McCaffery
Post-Doctoral Research Associate – Julia Allen, Ph.D.
McGuire Center for
Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Center Director – Thomas C. Emmel, Ph.D.
Curator – Jacqueline Y. Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Curator – Keith R. Willmott, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor – Jaret C. Daniels, Ph.D.
Curatorial Scientist – Charles V. Covell, Jr., Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Andrew D. Warren, Ph.D.
Collections Coordinator – Andrei Sourakov, Ph.D.
Construction Coordinator – James B. Schlachta
Program Assistant – Christine M. Eliazar
Molecular Systematics
and Evolutionary Genetics
Distinguished Professor – Pamela S. Soltis, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist – Matthew A. Gitzendanner, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Research Associate – Brad R. Ruhfel, Ph.D.
North Florida Archaeology
Assistant Curator – Neill J. Wallis, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Donna L. Ruhl
Collection Manager – Ann S. Cordell
Curator – DavidW. Steadman, Ph.D.
Collection Managers –
AndrewW. Kratter, Ph.D., Thomas A. Webber, Ph.D.
Paleobotany and Palynology
Curator – Steven R. Manchester, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – HongshanWang, Ph.D.
Biological Scientist – Terry A. Lott
Courtesy Research Scientist – David M. Jarzen, Ph.D.
South Florida Archaeology
and Ethnography
Curator – William H. Marquardt, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist & Collection Manager –
Karen J. Walker, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Ann S. Cordell
Spanish Colonial Archaeology
Distinguished Research Curator –
Kathleen A. Deagan, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Gifford J. Waters, Ph.D.
Vertebrate Paleontology
Curator – Bruce J. MacFadden, Ph.D.
Associate Curator – Jonathan I. Bloch, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Richard C. Hulbert, Ph.D.
Sr. Biologist – Jason R. Bourque
Biological Scientist – Arthur R. Poyer
Exhibits and Public Programs
Assistant Director –
Douglas R. Noble, Ph.D./Jaret C. Daniels, Ph.D.
Business Office
Office Manager – Charlene O. Smith
Program Assistant – Katherine K. Gerard
Fiscal Assistant – G. Colin Martin
Special Events Coordinator – Karen A. Judd/Amber Tison
Store Manager – Stacey D. Crandall
Butterfly Rainforest
Vivarium Assistant Manager – Jeffrey L. Hansen
Living Exhibits Specialist – Michael R. Boulware
Assistant Director – Jamie C. Creola/Betty A. Dunckel, Ph.D.
Public Programs Coordinator – Kendra Lanza-Kaduce
School Tours – Jeannette E. Carlisle
Volunteer Program – Julie V. Crosby
Assistant Director – Darcie A. MacMahon
Designer – Ian M. Breheny
Traveling Exhibits – Thomas L. Kyne
Security and Fabrication
Operations Coordinator – Kurt Auffenberg
Artisan – Ronald A. Chesser
Carpenters/Cabinet makers –
J. Patrick Bennett, Nathan R. Bruce
Security Guards –
Jason A. DeBottis, John H. McIntosh, Harvey E. Yawn
Emeritus Faculty
Associate Director Emeritus – Graig D. Shaak, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist Emeritus – L. Richard Franz, Jr.
Curator Emerita – Elizabeth S. Wing, Ph.D., NAS
Curators Emeriti – Carter R. Gilbert, Ph.D.,
F. Wayne King, Ph.D., Jerald T. Milanich, Ph.D.
Charles A. Woods, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Curator Emeritus –
S. DavidWebb, Ph.D.