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annual report
-- All counties with special attention to Alachua, Brevard,
Broward, Calhoun, Citrus, Collier, Columbia, Dade, DeSoto,
Duval, Flagler, Gilchrist, Gulf, Hamilton, Hardee, Hendry,
Hillsborough, Indian River, Jackson, Lee, Levy, Liberty, Manatee,
Marion, Martin, Monroe, Nassau, Orange, Palm Beach, Pinellas,
Polk, Putnam, St. Johns, St. Lucie, Sarasota, Sumter, Suwannee,
Taylor, Volusia, Walton, Washington.
Other States
-- Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia,
Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska,
North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania,
South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wyoming.
-- Australia, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia,
Cuba, Curacao, Ecuador, French Polynesia, Germany, Greece,
Guyana, Honduras, La Reunion, Mexico, New Caledonia,
Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Phillipines, Portugal,
Seychelles, Senegal, Thailand, United Kingdom, Venezuela.
ALS 6046 Grant Writing, 2 credits
ANG 4905 Individual Research in Anthropology, 27 credits
ANG 6122C Archaeological Ceramics, 3 credits
ANG 6224/ANT 4930 Honors Painted Books of Ancient Mexico,
3 credits
ANG 6905 Environmental Archaeology Journal Club, 3 credits
ANG 6905 Individual Studies, 9 credits
ANG 6915 Research Projects in Social, Cultural, and Applied
Anthropology, 6 credits
ANG 6971 Research for Master’s Thesis, 8 credits
ANG 7979 Advanced Research, 18 credits
ANG 7980 Advanced Research, 39 credits
ARH 6930 Museum Ethics, 3 credits
ANT 4907 Independent Studies, 6, credits
ANT 4930 Florida Archaeology, 3 credits
BOT 6935 Biological Nomenclature, 2 credits
BOT 6935/0895 Phylogenetic Systematics Seminar, 1 credit
BOT 6935/GLY6932 Paleobotanical Methods, 2 credits
ENY 4905 Individual Studies in Entomology, 18 credits
ENY 4905/6905 Biology of Lepidoptera, 3 credits
ENY 6905 Individual Studies in Entomology, 4 credits
ENY 6934 Biology of Lepidoptera, 1 credit
GLY 6971 Advanced Research, 9 credits
GLY 7980 Advanced Research, 20 credits
PCB 6791 Research for Master’s Thesis, 13 credits
VME 7979 Advanced Research, 3 credits
WIS 4934/6934 Vertebrates in Lotic Habitats, 2 credits
ZOO 4472 Avian Biology, 4 credits
ZOO 4905 Individual Studies in Zoology, 16 credits
ZOO 4926/6456C Ichthyology, 4 credits
ZOO 6927 Methods of Phylogenetic Inference, 4 credits
ZOO6927/GLY 4926 Island Biogeography and Paleontology,
3 credits
ZOO 6927/GLY 6932 PIRE Seminar: Exhibits Development,
3 credits
ZOO 6927/GLY 6932 PIRE Seminar: Student Research
and Journal Club, 1 credit
ZOO 6971 Research for Master’s Thesis, 16 credits
ZOO 7979 Advanced Research, 28 credits
ZOOL 432 Marine Invertebrate Zoology, 9 credits
(University of Washington)
Graduate Committees Served:
Graduate Committees Chaired:
Independent Studies:
Collection Loans:
309 totaling 20,480 artifacts/specimens/lots
Special Achievements,
Faculty and Staff:
Jonathan Bloch was awarded a University of Florida Research
Foundation Professorship in recognition of his distinguished
record of research and scholarship.
Nico Cellinese was awarded the University of Florida 2011
Excellence Award for Assistant Professors.
Jaret Daniels received the University of Florida 2011 Division 4
Superior Accomplishment Award, and was one of 29 international
conservationists nominated for the 2012 Indianapolis Prize.
Bruce MacFadden was awarded the 2012 Florida Academy of
Sciences Medal.
William Marquardt received the Senator Bob Williams Award
given by the Florida Secretary of State to a public servant who
has changed the course of historic preservation in Florida.
Jacqueline Miller was elected an Honorary Life Member of the
Lepidopterists’ Society.
Larry Page was elected President of the Natural Science
Collections Alliance.
Scott Robinson was elected Councilor for the American
Ornithologists’ Union.
Fred Thompson received the Life Time Achievement Award
from the American Benthological Society.
Neill Wallis received the C.B. Moore Award for Excellence
in Southeastern Archaeology from the Southeastern
Archaeological Conference.
Norris Williams had a new species of orchid bee from the
Amazon Basin of Ecuador and Peru named after him,
Euglossa williamsi.
Opposite page: Museum visitors of all ages enjoy one of the
Drums and Dance
public programs presented last fall to
complement the
Wild Music
Above: Founding Museum Director Thompson Van Hyning was
appointed in 1914. Also pictured is one of his early business
cards. Interestingly, the Museum’s telephone number at the
time was 315.