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annual report
Curator – David W. Steadman, Ph.D.
Collection Managers – Andrew W. Kratter, Ph.D.
Thomas A. Webber, Ph.D.
Paleobotany and Palynology
Curator – Steven R. Manchester, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Hongshan Wang, Ph.D.
Biological Scientist – Terry A. Lott
Spanish Colonial Archaeology
Distinguished Research Curator Emerita –
Kathleen A. Deagan, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Gifford J. Waters, Ph.D.
South Florida Archaeology and Ethnography
Curator – William H. Marquardt, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist & Collection Manager –
Karen J. Walker, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Ann S. Cordell
Vertebrate Paleontology
Curator – Bruce J. MacFadden, Ph.D.
Associate Curator – Jonathan I. Bloch, Ph.D.
Collection Manager – Richard C. Hulbert, Ph.D.
Sr. Biologist – Jason R. Bourque
Biological Scientist – Arthur R. Poyer
Post-Doctoral Research Associate – Aaron Wood, Ph.D.
Assistant Director – Jaret C. Daniels, Ph.D.
Business Office
Office Manager – Charlene O. Smith
Program Assistant – Katherine K. Gerard
Fiscal Assistant – G. Colin Martin
Special Events Coordinator – Amber Tison
Store Manager – Stacey D. Crandall
Butterfly Rainforest
Vivarium Assistant Manager – Jeffrey L. Hansen
Living Exhibits Specialist – Michael R. Boulware
Coordinator – Betty A. Dunckel, Ph.D.
Public Programs Coordinator – Catherine Carey
School Tours – Jeannette E. Carlisle
Volunteer Coordinator – Amy Hester
Assistant Director – Darcie A. MacMahon
Designer – Ian M. Breheny
Traveling Exhibits – Thomas L. Kyne
Security and Fabrication
Operations Coordinator – Kurt Auffenberg
Artisan – Ronald A. Chesser
Carpenters/Cabinet makers – J. Patrick Bennett
Jeffrey Huber
Security Guards – Jason A. DeBottis
John H. McIntosh, Harvey E. Yawn
Associate Director Emeritus – Graig D. Shaak, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist Emeritus – L. Richard Franz, Jr.
Curator Emerita – Elizabeth S. Wing, Ph.D., NAS
Curators Emeriti – Carter R. Gilbert, Ph.D.
F. Wayne King, Ph.D., Jerald T. Milanich, Ph.D.
Charles A. Woods, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Curator Emerita –
Kathleen A. Deagan, Ph.D.
Distinguished Research Curator Emeritus –
S. David Webb, Ph.D.
Left: The Museum acquired
this truck in the mid-1920s
to pickup donations and
conduct field work.
Director T. Van Hyning
wrote in his 1924-26
biennial report, “Our new
auto van is another source
of much efficiency and
economy... It is such that
our collectors can sleep in
it while on extended trips
after birds, mammals, etc.
for habitat group work.”
the florida
state museum