Deep Time Project: A Comprehensive Phylogenetic Tree of Living and Fossil Angiosperms


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Summary/Supertree of the Major Groups of Angiosperms


Summary of current understanding of basal angiosperm relationships based on topologies of Zanis et al. (2002) and Qiu et al. (1999).

Zanis 2002

Strict consensus of 16 MP trees obtained in analysis of the 104-taxon data set. Tree length = 23,864; CI = 0.394; RI = 0.518. Bootstrap values (obtained by using 200 replicate searches with TBR with MULPARS turned off) for major clades of angiosperms are indicated above the branches.


A summary of the major groups that occurred in greater than 50% of the 1000 jackknife replicates; orders and informal names are more or less those of the APG system (1998). The gymnosperms are not arranged to reflect relationships, but rather they were collectively specified as the outgroups without any attempt to estimate which, if any, were closest to the angiosperms.

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