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Graduate Student Travel and Training Awards

Recipients of Student Travel and Training Awards

Gainesville meeting (2003) travel awards


$500 each
Support travel to workshops, meetings, courses, etc.

($1000 each to attend the 4th meeting/workshop at Gainesville, Florida.)


4 Awards

$2,000 each

Support extended research in labs of other Deep Time participants, participation in phylogenetics training courses, etc.

To Apply:

Send 1-page narrative describing the proposed activity (including how it will benefit your research), CV, and a letter from your adviser to Pam Soltis

RECIPIENTS OF TRAVEL AWARDS (awarded through 7/22/02):

Julie Broughton, Univ. of California--Santa Barbara
Charles Bell, Yale Univ.
Matyas Buzgo, Univ. of Florida
Sarah L. Corbett, Univ. of Florida
Felix Forest, Royal Botanic Garden, Kew & Univ. of Reading
Bee Fong Gunn, Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis & Missouri Botanical Garden
Sangtae Kim, Univ. of Florida
Ashley B. Morris, Univ. of Florida
Michael D. Nowak, Univ. of Wisconsin--Stevens Point
Darin S. Penneys, Univ. of Florida
Kristen Porter-Utley, Univ. of Florida
Katia Silvera, Univ. of Florida
Xin Wang, Univ. of Florida

STUDENT TRAINING GRANTS (awarded through 5/1/02):

RuiQi Li Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
Gretchen Ionta University of Florida

Deep Time Gainesville meeting (2003) travel awards

Chuck Bell, Yale Univ.
Julie Broughton, UC-Santa Barbara
Yi-bo Luo, Chinese Acad of Sciences
Hilary McManus, U Connecticut
Brian Moore, Yale
Michael Nowak, Oklahoma
Sang-Hun Oh, Duke
Mihai Popa, Romania
Ann Powell, Wake Forest
David Springate, Kew
Richard Winkworth, Yale
Wenheng Zhang, NC State

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