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Artist-Naturalists in Florida

Learn about 19th century naturalist's travels in Florida, including John James Audubon, William Bartram and others.

Down Like Lead: 400 Years of Florida Shipwrecks

The water surrounding Florida is a graveyard for thousands of ships. Today, these shipwrecks are time capsules that reflect the history of maritime trade, colonial expansion by sea, and the changing fortunes of European powers in the Americas.

Images of the Maya - Traditional woven textiles

Explore the symbolism and history behind traditional Mayan woven textiles from the highlands of Chiapas Mexico.

St. Augustine: America's Ancient City

Much of St. Augustine's history has been uncovered through archaeology in the homesites of its colonial residents. Trace life and society in Spanish St. Augustine through the excavated objects that people made, used, lost and discarded over the centuries.


Museum Exhibits

Visiting the Florida Museum? These exhibit halls feature past and present cultures: