Inquiry Box: Florida's Seminole People

Suitable for: All ages but geared to K-5th grade

Participants will:

  • Learn about the way of life of the Seminole people of Florida, both today and when the word Seminole first came into use.
  • Explore customs, clothing, food sources, housing, economics and government as a way to learn about these early Floridians.
  • Find out how adaptability and resourcefulness have led to the survival of the Seminole culture, after only a few Seminole escaped attempts at deportation.
  • Try on a Seminole vest or skirt and learn how the sewing machine changed the traditional clothing.


Inquiry Box contents - Florida's Seminole PeopleThe Florida's Seminole Peoples Inquiry Box (a black suitcase) contains books, (both fiction and nonfiction), a video, word cards, laminated pictures and teaching aids, replicas, sweetgrass basket, Seminole doll, patchwork samples, a vest and/or skirt, and more. There is a teacher's guide which includes a suggested approach sheet. There are many hands-on articles along with a bingo-type game.

This Inquiry Box was designed using the Sunshine State Standards and is intended to enhance FCAT preparation.


Teacher's Guide to Florida's Native People

This teacher's guide may be used for Inquiry Box presentations, Inquiry Box loans and museum visits. The guide contains information on Florida's Indian people, information on associated subjects and related fields of study, vocabulary and suggested activities. All activities are designed to integrate social studies, language arts, math and science in a unified learning experience. Permission is granted to reproduce the information and activities for student and teacher use. All guides are in PDF format.

Full Teacher's Guide

Table of Contents

Part One - Introduction and General Information

Part Four - Florida's Seminole People

Part Five - References (Answers, Vocabulary, Bibliography)

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