Inquiry Box: Florida's Reptiles & Amphibians

Suitable for: All ages but geared to K-3rd grade

Participants will:

  • Discover the great variety of reptiles and amphibians that make their home in Florida: crocodilians, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and salamanders.
  • Learn how reptiles and amphibians are the same and how they are different.
  • Hold a snake shed and learn why and how snakes shed their skin.
  • Learn what a tadpole is and how it is part of the transformation from egg to frog through the process called metamorphosis.
  • Discover the difference between warm blooded and cold blooded animals by using a simple thermometer.


The Florida's Reptiles and Amphibian Inquiry Box (2 green suitcases) contains books (both fiction and nonfiction), a video, 6 replicas, word cards, laminated teaching aids and a teacher's guide (including a suggested approach sheet). This Inquiry Box features 14 shared boxes, each designed to be explored by 1-3 students.


Inquiry Box contents - Reptiles & AmphibiansEach box contains:

  • Envelope A contains a real snake shed
  • Envelope B has a hands on camouflage activity
  • Envelope C contains a flat thermometer
  • Envelope D contains 6 frog metamorphosis cards
  • 2 sock puppets
  • Replica of a snapping turtle

This Inquiry Box was designed using the Sunshine State Standards and is intended to enhance FCAT preparation.


Suggested Links

Herpetology - Florida Museum of Natural History

Reptiles & Amphibians for Kids - Smithsonian National Zoo

Frogs and Toads of Florida - University of Florida Wildlife Extension