Private events may be scheduled between 5:30 and 11 p.m. every day. Two additional hours for event setup and one additional hour for strike are automatically included with your rental. The Florida Museum offers two rental spaces for events — the Denny Gallery and the Thompson Gallery. One or both spaces may be rented depending on your needs.     
            Note: Rental rates will increase on July 1, 2017. Book now to save!

Venue & Exhibit Fees


Private & corporate

UF depts & 501(c)(3) orgs
(25% discount)

Both galleries $2,500 $1,875
Denny Gallery only $1,800 $1,350
Thompson Gallery only $1,200 $900
Butterfly Rainforest starts at $325 starts at $325
Featured Exhibit varies varies

The Butterfly Rainforest and Featured Exhibit may only be rented as an addition to a gallery rental.

Additional Fees

Event insurance (required):
$110-$140 based on number of guests
Security staffing (required):
Approx. $300-$500 based on event length & number of guests
Mammoth lighting
(choose from eight colors):
Ceremony setup fee:
Client lets guests in before
scheduled start time:
Event runs over scheduled end time:
Excessive cleanup
(including cleanup after vendors):
Materials storage:
Late changes to contracted guest count, event times, or agreed-upon setup:



Equipment Included in Rental

Venue fees are exclusive of sales tax. Organized programming in public spaces, for purposes beyond regular Museum visitation, is not permitted by outside parties during normal Museum hours.