Exhibit ID Guide: Yellow Butterflies

Note: This guide only includes butterflies found in the Museum's Butterfly Rainforest exhibit. It is not intended to cover all species worldwide.

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troides helena
Birdwing, Common
Troides helena
troides rhadamantus
Birdwing, Golden
Troides rhadamantus
catopsilia scylla
Orange Emigrant
Catopsilia scylla
junonia almana
Peacock Pansy
Junonia almana
catonephele numilia
Shoemaker, Grecian
Catonephele numilia
abaeis nicippe
Sleepy Orange
Abaeis nicippe
papilio cresphontes
Swallowtail, Giant
Papilio cresphontes
papilio thoas
Swallowtail, Thoas
Papilio thoas
papilio pilumnus
Swallowtail, Three-tailed Tiger
Papilio pilumnus
phoebis argante
Sulfur, Apricot
Phoebis argante
phoebis sennae
Sulfur, Cloudless
Phoebis sennae
anteos maerula
Sulfur, Yellow-angled
Anteos maerula