Panama: Tropical Ecosystem

Aug. 9, 2014–May 31, 2015 | Free admission

This exhibition focuses on Panama’s biodiversity and the importance of nature to Panamanian culture. Developed by the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries, the exhibit presents photographs, stereographs, plant illustrations and books highlighting the rich diversity of flora and fauna in the land between North and South America.


Exhibit Highlights

  • See illustrations of the stunning orchids and trees of Panama.
  • Learn about the storied role of fishing in Panama’s history, culture and art.
  • Explore the astonishing endemic bird species of Darien National Park through maps, photographs and illustrations.


Did you know?

Panama Exhibit  - Cattleya Dowiana, Frank Anderson - Illustrated Treasury of Orchids

Courtesy of Panama Canal Museum Collection

  • Panama has at least 976 species of birds, more than the continental United States and Canada combined.
  • Theories about the origin of the word “Panama” vary, but many Panamanians believe it means an abundance of fish, butterflies and trees.
  • Panama is one of the world's top spots for black marlin fishing. Highly coveted by sport fishermen, the black marlin can reach speeds of 80 mph.