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Florida Program for Shark Research thanks the following organizations for their contributions to our ongoing research

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Benedict Advertising National Marine Fisheries Service

The Florida Program for Shark Research (FPSR) is grateful to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, Benedict Advertising, and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) for their support and research of the International Sawfish Encounter Database (ISED).

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Sawfish Conservation Fundraising Compaign

Sawfish Fundraiser

Guy Harvey and the Florida Program for Shark Research are teaming up for a fundraising campaign dedicated to providing money for sawfish research and conservation. The eventual goal is to help rebuild sawfish habitats and increase their population. Learn when, where, and how you can get involved.

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Sawfish Conservation / Sobre la Conservación del Pez-Sierra / Sobre a Conservação do Peixe-serra

Sawfish Conservation

Sawfish are in trouble worldwide. This section includes how you can get involved with conservation efforts and the importance of reporting sawfish encounters to the recovery plan for the smalltooth sawfish.

Las poblaciones del pez-sierra están amenazadas mundialmente. En esta sección puedes aprender como ayudar en la conservación del pez-sierra, y la importancia que tiene el reportar tus encuentros con el pez-sierra para el éxito de su Plan de Recuperación.

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Sawfish Encounters / Encuentros con el Pez-Sierra / Encontros com o Peixe-Serra

Sawfish Encounters

If you encounter a sawfish, it should be handled very carefully to avoid injury to the sawfish as well as injury to yourself. In this section, you will learn how to handle sawfish if an encounter occurs, including possible entanglement in fishing gear as well as sawfish encounter reporting procedures.

Si te encuentras un pez-sierra, debes manejarlo con mucho cuidado de modo a evitar lesiones tanto en él como en ti mismo. En esta sección, aprenderás que debes hacer caso te encuentres un pez-sierra. Podrás leer tanto las instrucciones para liberar un pez-sierra con seguridad, caso se atrape en el aparejo de pesca, como que debes hacer para reportar tu encuentro con un pez-sierra.

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International Sawfish Encounter Database / Base Internacional de Encuentros con el Pez-Sierra

National Sawfish Encounter Database

The International Sawfish Encounter Database is a new addition to the research initiatives of the FPSR. This section includes the history and importance of the ISED, sawfish distribution maps, sawfish encounter reporting form, and information on recent sightings. This data collected through this initiative will greatly assist in the smalltooth sawfish recovery efforts.

La Base Internacional de Encuentros con el Pez-Sierra (ISED) es una nueva adquision en los proyectos de investigación del FPSR. Esta sección incluye la historia e importancia de la ISED, mapas de distribución del pez-sierra e información sobre observaciones recientes. Los datos obtenidos através de esta iniciativa ayudarán fuertemente a los esfuerzos de recuperación del pez-sierra-peine.

: International Sawfish Encounter Database : : Spanish Version : : Portuguese Version

Sawfish Research at the Florida Program for Shark Research

Sawfish Research at the Florida Program for Shark Research

Sawfish research at the Florida Program for Shark Research includes tagging and tracking smalltooth sawfish in the Indian River Lagoon and Banana River along the Atlantic coast of Florida.

: : Sawfish Research at the Florida Program for Shark Research : :

Largetooth Sawfish (Pristis perotteti)

Largetooth sawfish

The largetooth sawfish (Pristis perotteti) and the smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata) are the only species of sawfish inhabiting U.S. waters. Overfishing and habitat destruction, coupled with low intrinsic rates of population increase, have resulted in the decline of both sawfish species from most of their original U.S. ranges. Data for largetooth sawfish was and remains very limited. Learn more about the life history and conservation status of this rarely observed species.

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Smalltooth Sawfish Implementation Team

Sawfish Implementation Team

The Sawfish Implementation Team (SIT) seeks to promote the conservation of threatened sawfish populations around the world. Very little is known about this unique type of ray which used to be very abundant in the tropics. In addition to the smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata), the largetooth sawfish (P. perotteti) has recently been listed for protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

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Sawfish Bioprofiles

Sawfish Bioprofiles

Sawfish bioprofiles include taxonomic, habitat, description, dentition, feeding habits, reproduction, importance to humans and conservation information for each featured species.

: : Sawfish Bioprofiles : :

Sawfish Outreach and Education

Sawfish Outreach and Education

Education and public outreach initiatives are important components of the smalltooth sawfish recovery plan. In this section, you will find information useful in further educating and answering common questions the public may have on the conservation status of sawfish.

: : Sawfish Outreach and Education : :

Sawfish Images

Sawfish Images

This section includes recent photos as submitted to our online image gallery as well as photos from our sawfish tagging and tracking research. In addition, historic images of sawfish catches can also be viewed.

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Sawfish Research

Sawfish Research

Research at other institutions...

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Sawfish Links

Sawfish Links

Links to other web sites on sawfish throughout the world.

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Sawfish References

Sawfish References

To learn more about sawfish...

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