Osteological Collections

Human osteological collections curated at the Florida Museum of Natural History include skeletal remains from precolumbian and historic archaeological sites across Florida, Georgia, and several localities in the Caribbean. These collections are maintained for research and teaching purposes. Access to these collections is limited to the academic community and professionals in the private sector involved in scholarly research.

Florida's Unmarked Burial Law

Below is a list of select sites that have large collections of provenienced skeletal remains.

  • Amelia Island South Cemetery (8NA41D)
  • Bayshore Homes Site (8PI41)
  • Bishop Mound (8LV99)
  • Cross Creek (8AL2)
  • Crystal River (8CI1)
  • Henderson Site (8AL463)
  • Mayport Mound 8DU96)
  • McKeithen Site (8CO17)
  • Melton Mound 3 (8AL7)
  • Palmer Mound (8SO2A)
  • Pillsbury Burial Mound (8MA31)
  • River Styx Site (8AL458)
  • Ross Hammock (8VO131)
  • Sarasota Bay Mound (8SO44)
  • Tick Island (8VO24)
  • Tierra Verde Mound (8PI51)
  • Wacahoota Mound (8AL58)
  • Warm Mineral Springs (8SO19)
  • Weeki Watchee Site (8HE12)