Arianna Harrington

I am the coordinator of the prep lab component of the Titanoboa: Monster Snake exhibit. I began volunteering in the Department of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Fall 2010 because I had always loved learning about fossil animals from a young age. I have been a volunteer or an employee at the museum ever since! As an undergraduate student at the University of Florida majoring in zoology and anthropology, I am ultimately interested in studying the evolution of primates through changes in their morphology.


Kathryn Broecker

I’m a third year geology undergrad here at UF. I started volunteering with the paleontology department in my second year after learning of the incredible discoveries our school was making in the Panama Canal and I wanted to be involved. After my fist dig in Florida, I was hooked on fossils. Now I research the dental evolution of mammals and get to work on Titanoboa! Come by and check out the lab!


Jason Brown

I am a senior at the University of Florida studying geology and biology. I have volunteered at the museum since 2010 in the Ichthyology and Vertebrate Paleontology departments. My research interests include animal behavior and morphology. I am currently trying to start a research project working with fossil sharks.


Rachel Narducci

I am currently a senior undergraduate student at the University of Florida studying anthropology and geology. I plan to continue on to graduate school focusing on paleoanthropology, forensic anthropology, or paleontology. I started volunteering at the vertebrate paleontology prep lab at the beginning of the Fall semester and I’ve been a part of various excursions for geology and paleontology. Fossils are awesome!


Evan Whiting

I am a University of Florida undergraduate student majoring in zoology. I have prepared vertebrate fossils and conducted formal research for over two years, including independent research on fossil alligators. My research interests include studying archosaurs, the group including crocodylians and dinosaurs (including birds!), and how climate change has affected their evolution, ecology, and biogeography. I am also interested in public outreach and education, and am more than happy to field any questions for visitors to the prep lab!


Sarah Widlansky

I am an undergraduate at the University of Florida, majoring in geology. I became interested in paleontology through my coursework in geology once I was in college, and began volunteering in the fossil prep lab at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Spring 2011. Broadly speaking, I am interested in studying the changes the Earth has undergone throughout its history and using fossils to help interpret these changes. I look forward to continuing my work at the Florida Museum of Natural History in the Titanoboa prep lab this year!