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Museum Support

General Museum Support


Caribbean Archaeology
Environmental Archaeology (Zooarchaeology, Archaeobotany and Archaeopedology)
Florida Archaeology
Historical Archaeology
South Florida Archaeology

Other Archaeology & Ethnography Departments available for funding*
• Ceramic Technology Laboratory
• Latin American Archaeology
• Latin American Ethnography
• North American Ethnography

Natural Sciences

General Natural Sciences Funds
Herpetology (Reptiles & Amphibians)
Ichthyology (Fishes)
Lepidoptera (Butterflies & Moths)
Malacology & Invertebrate Zoology (Mollusks & Marine Invertebrates)
Ornithology (Birds)

Other Natural Sciences Departments available for funding*
• Botany/Herbarium (Plants)


General Paleontology Funds
Invertebrate Paleontology (Invertebrate Fossils)
Paleobotany & Palynology (Fossil Plants & Pollen)
Vertebrate Paleontology (Vertebrate Fossils)

Exhibits & Public Programs

General Support Funds
Educational Programs

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Contact Marie Emmerson, Director of Development, at 352-256-9614 or email

* Please contact the Development Office to make a donation to any of these departments.