Evolution of Species and Electric Signal Diversity
in the Neotropical Electric Fish Gymnotus

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Undergraduate Students

The following undergraduates are currently or have recently been involved in this project.

We will recruit undergraduates from biological sciences, computer sciences, electrical engineering and mathematics to work on many aspects of this project. Using departmental list servers and bulletin boards we will actively recruit male and female students from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Kristine Aviles (Zoology, graduated 2002). Independent Study. Morphometrics and Meristics; Data analysis. (Picture Below)

Jeff DePree (Computer Sciences). Independent Study and University Scholars Program. Java Programming. (Picture Below)

Romel Franca (Mathematics) Independent Study. Matlab and Mathematica programming.

Adam Grieper (Electrical Engineering). Independent Study. Matlab Programming

Jennifer Hill (Zoology, graduated 2002) Independent Study. Anatomy and Data analysis. (Picture Below)

Nancy Kook (Nutrition). Independent Study. Data Analysis.

Jay Pathak (Computer Science). Independent Study. Matlab Programming.

Sonia Smith (Computer Science). Independent Study. Database Programming.

Charles (Chuck) Smyth (Electrical Engineering) Independent Study and University Scholars Program. LabView programming and hardware design. (Picture Below)

Hayley Stevens (Electrical Engineering). Independent Study. LabView Programming.

Robert Stone (Computer Sciences). Independent Study. GIS and mapping of specimen localities.

Roslyn Anthe (Electrical Engineering). Volunteer. LabView programming.

Dean Thorsen (Zoology, graduated 2002) Species descriptions and Osteology. Independent Study and University Scholars Program. (Picture Below)

Tin Tran (Nutrition). Independent Study. Data entry and analysis

Jonathan (Kyle) Wells (Electrical Engineering). Independent Study and University Scholars Program. Amplifier design and construction, other hardware projects. (Picture Below)