Evolution of Species and Electric Signal Diversity
in the Neotropical Electric Fish Gymnotus

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Waveform Analyzer

Electric Fish Waveform Analyzer: Web Version

For web-based electric fish waveform analysis please visit a limited-feature Java TM program, Electric Fish Waveform Analyzer, designed by PI Crampton and undergraduate Jeff DePree. We will use NSF funding of this project to develop a fully-functional web-based version of this program.

Experiment with left and right clicks and use the online help system to explore functionality. Mac users will not be able to zoom in/out on the waveform because this requires a right mouse button.

Click on and you should see the following front-page. If you do not follow the link at the top of the screen called ‘browser requirements’

Double click on one of the waveform files in the index to view and analyze a Gymnotus electric organ discharge (EOD) waveform.

For example: Gymnotus cylindricus (note the monophasic EOD)