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Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae, Englerian circumscription) - index of taxa
 Phyllanthus [species indet.] 
 Phyllanthus abnormis abnormal phyllanthus; Drummond's leaf-flower
 Phyllanthus acidus gooseberry tree; otaheite gooseberry; Tahitian gooseberry tree
 Phyllanthus acuminatus  
 Phyllanthus amarus niruri; gale-of-wind; carry-me-seed
 Phyllanthus angustifolius foliage flower; sword bush
 Phyllanthus arbuscula  
 Phyllanthus caroliniensis Carolina phyllanthus; Carolina leaf-flower
 Phyllanthus caroliniensis ssp. caroliniensis (all*)Carolina phyllanthus; Carolina leaf-flower
 Phyllanthus caroliniensis ssp. saxicola (all*)rock Carolina leaf-flower
 Phyllanthus chryseus  
 Phyllanthus comosus  
 Phyllanthus emblica  
 Phyllanthus epiphyllanthus  
 Phyllanthus ferax  
 Phyllanthus flagelliformis  
 Phyllanthus fluitans  
 Phyllanthus fuertesii  
 Phyllanthus grandifolius  
 Phyllanthus juglandifolius  
 Phyllanthus laxiflorus  
 Phyllanthus leptoneurus  
 Phyllanthus cf. leptoneurus  
 Phyllanthus liebmannianus ssp. platylepis (all*)Florida leaf-flower; pinewood dainties
 Phyllanthus lindenianus var. inaequifolius  
 Phyllanthus maleolens  
 Phyllanthus megapodus  
 Phyllanthus mocinianus  
 Phyllanthus myriophyllus  
 Phyllanthus myrtifolius  
 Phyllanthus niruri gale-of-wind; carry-me seed
 Phyllanthus nobilis  
 Phyllanthus orbicularis  
 Phyllanthus orbiculatus  
 Phyllanthus pentaphyllus (all*) 
 Phyllanthus polygonoides  
 Phyllanthus shaferi  
 Phyllanthus tenellus long-stalked phyllanthus; Mascarene Island leaf-flower
 Phyllanthus urinaria chamber bitter

* cataloging indicators: (all*)=all FLAS specimens ; (Florida*)=all Florida specimens; (SE U.S*)=all SE U.S. specimens ; (U.S.*)=all U.S. specimens.
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