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Pinus (Pinaceae, Englerian circumscription) - index of taxa
 Pinus [species indet.] 
 Pinus albicaulis  
 Pinus armandii var. masteriana  
 Pinus bungeana  
 Pinus caribaea  
 Pinus clausa sand pine
 Pinus clausa var. immuginata  
 Pinus contorta  
 Pinus contorta var. murrayana  
 Pinus coulteri  
 Pinus echinata shortleaf pine; yellow pine
 Pinus elliottii slash pine
 Pinus elliottii var. densa  
 Pinus elliottii var. elliottii  
 Pinus elliottii x serotina  
 Pinus glabra spruce pine
 Pinus jeffreyi  
 Pinus lambertiana  
 Pinus monticola  
 Pinus morrisonicola  
 Pinus muricata  
 Pinus occidentalis  
 Pinus palustris longleaf pine
 Pinus patula  
 Pinus ponderosa  
 Pinus radiata  
 Pinus resinosa  
 Pinus rigida  
 Pinus roxburghii  
 Pinus sabiniana  
 Pinus serotina pond pine
 Pinus strobus  
 Pinus sylvestris  
 Pinus tabuliformis  
 Pinus taeda loblolly pine
 Pinus taiwanensis  
 Pinus ? tecunumanii  
 Pinus wallichiana  

* cataloging indicators: (all*)=all FLAS specimens ; (Florida*)=all Florida specimens; (SE U.S*)=all SE U.S. specimens ; (U.S.*)=all U.S. specimens.
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