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Scutellaria (Lamiaceae, modern phylogenetic circumscription) - index of taxa
 Scutellaria arenicola Central Florida skullcap
 Scutellaria elliptica  
 Scutellaria floridana  
 Scutellaria glabriuscula  
 Scutellaria havanensis Havana skullcap
 Scutellaria incana  
 Scutellaria integrifolia  
 Scutellaria lateriflora marsh skullcap
 Scutellaria longifolia hummingbird plant
 Scutellaria cf. longifolia hummingbird plant
 Scutellaria multiglandulosa rolled-leaf skullcap
 Scutellaria mutiglandulosa  
 Scutellaria nervosa  
 Scutellaria parvula  
 Scutellaria racemosa tropical skullcap; South American skullcap
 Scutellaria saxatilis  
 Scutellaria serrata  

* cataloging indicators: (all*)=all FLAS specimens ; (Florida*)=all Florida specimens; (SE U.S*)=all SE U.S. specimens ; (U.S.*)=all U.S. specimens.
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