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[serial] SPNHC newsletter. [ISSN: 1071-2887]
Herbarium holdings: (details)
Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, [College Station, TX]. v.
Frequency: Biannual (summer and winter)
Publ. history: v. 1, no. 1 (Aug. 1987)-  
1987- [serials, by title]
Adams, Robert P. DNA from herbarium specimens : II. Correlation of DNA degradation with humidity. Phytologia 93(3): 351-359. 2011 [citation only] 2011
Electronic Version
American Society of Plant Taxonomists. Systematic botany resources in America : part II : the cost of services : a report to the public, and to the botanical systematics community. American Society of Plant Taxonomists. Reproduced at the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY. vii, 116 p. 1979 QK 76.115 .S97 pt. 2 1979
Applequist, Wendy L. and Lisa M. Campbell, eds. DNA banking for the 21st Century : proceedings of the U.S. Workshop on DNA banking. William L. Brown Center, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO. 187 p. 2014 QK 61 .D52 2014
Baker, Marc A., Mark W. Mohlenbrock and Donald J. Pinkava. A comparison of two new methods of preparing cacti and other stem succulents for standard herbarium mounting. Taxon 34(1): 118-120. 1985 QK 61.210 .B34 1985
Bean, A.R., ed. Collecting and preserving plant specimens : a manual. Queensland Herbarium, Environmental Protection Agency Biodiversity Sciences unit, Brisbane, Australia. [ii], 28 p. 2006 QK 61 .C64 2006
Electronic Version
Blanco, Mario A., W. Mark Whitten, Darin S. Penneys, Norris H. Williams, Kurt M. Neubig and Lorena Endara. A simple and safe method for rapid drying of plant specimens using forced-air space heaters. Selbyana 27(1): 83-87. [note: PDF posted with permission from Selbyana.] 2006 QK 61 .B52 2006
Electronic Version
Boyd, Amy E. Collecting for education : herbaria at small liberal arts colleges. Plant Science Bulletin 54(3): 86-91. 2008 [in journal]
Brasher, Jeffrey Wayne and Neil Snow. Further updates to Weber's three-letter family acronym system. Taxon (online version for 53(1), said to no longer be available, formerly loaded at http://www.botanik.univie.ac.at/iapt/s_taxon.php). [note: The UF Herbarium copy is printed from a PDF. See the current electronic version for the most recent version which includes the updates.] 2004 QK 11 .W42 add. 2 2004
Electronic Version
Bridson, Diane and Leonard Forman, eds. The herbarium handbook. Revised ed. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Great Britain. xii, 303 p. 1992 QK 61 .H47 1992
Bridson, Diane and Leonard Forman, eds. The herbarium handbook. 3rd ed. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Great Britain. xii, 334 p. 1998 QK 61 .H47 1998
Bryson, Charles T. and Richard Carter. A novel design for a light weight and durable field press. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 2(1): 517-520. 2008 QK 61 .B79 2008
Carter, Richard. A cost-effective method for constructing magnetic fumicels for herbarium cabinets. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 6(2): 579–582. 2012 [in journal]
Electronic Version
Ceska, Adolf and Oldriska Ceska. More on the techniques for collecting aquatic and marsh plants. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 73(4): 825-827. 1986 QK 61 .C47 1986
Christenhusz, Maarten J.M., James L. Reveal, Aljos Farjon, Martin F. Gardner, Robert R. Mill & Mark W. Chase. A new classification and linear sequence of extant gymnosperms. Phytotaxa 19: 55-70. 2011 QY 5 .C47 2011
Electronic Version
Christenhusz, Maarten J.M., Xian-Chun Zhang and Harald Schneider. A linear sequence of extant families and genera of lycophytes and ferns. Phytotaxa 19: 7-54. 2011 QX 5 .C47 2011
Electronic Version
Clute, Willard Nelson. The making of an herbarium. Charles D. Pendell, Publisher, Binghamton, NY. 1903. 23 p.   QK 61 .C58 1903
Cody, M.D. The making of an herbarium. General Extension Division Record, University of Florida, Vol. 6, No. 14, Special Series No. 3. 7 p. 1925 QK 61 .C62 1925
Croat, Thomas B. Collecting and preparing specimens of Araceae. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 72(2): 252-458. 1985 QZ 23 .C76 1985
Croat, Thomas B. The importance of labeling living plants. Aroideana 7(1): 27-30. 1984 QK 61 .C76 1984
Davison, Paul G. Making storage boxes for bryophyte packets. Evansia 19(4): 125-127. 2002 [in journal]
De Groot, Sarah J. Collecting and processing cacti into herbarium specimens, using ethanol and other methods. Systematic Botany 36(4): 981–989. 2011 QK 61.210 .D43 2011
Electronic Version
DeWolf, Gordon P., Jr. Notes on making an herbarium. Arnoldia 28(8/9): 69-111. 1968 QK 61 .D48 1968
Dransfield, John. A guide to collecting palms. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 73(1): 166-176. 1986 QK 61.021 .D72 1986
Erkens, Roy H.J., Hugh Cross, Jan W. Maas, Kim Hoenselaar and Lars W. Chatrou. Assessment of age and greenness of herbarium specimens as predictors for successful extraction and amplification of DNA. Blumea 53: 407-428. 2008 QK 61 .E74 2008
Forman, Leonard and Diane Bridson, eds. The herbarium handbook. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Great Britain. 1989 QK 61 .H47 1989
Fosberg, F. Raymond and Marie-Helene Sachet. Manual for tropical herbaria. Regnum Vegetabile, vol. 39. International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature, Utrecht, Netherlands. 132 p. 1965 QK 61 .F67 1965
Greissl, Rainer, Andreas Horn and Alexander Vogelei. A modified thermal convection drying technique for herbarium preservation. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 117: 29-38 (with 6 figures). 1995 QK 61 .R34 1995
Hall, David W. Microwave : a method to control herbarium insects. Taxon 30(4): 818-819. 1981(Nov) QK 61 .H34 1981
Haston, Elspeth, James E. Richardson, Peter F. Stevens, Mark W. Chase and David J. Harris. The Linear Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (LAPG) III: a linear sequence of the families in APG III. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 161(2): 128-131. 2009 QZ 1 .A531 pt. 3 2009
Haston, Elspeth, James E. Richardson, Peter F. Stevens, Mark W. Chase and David J. Harris. A linear sequence of Angiosperm Phylogeny Group II families. Taxon 56(1): 7-12. 2007 QZ 1 .A531 pt. 1 2007
Hawks, Catherine, Kathryn Makos, Deborah Bell, Paul F. Wambach and G. Edward Burroughs. An inexpensive method to test for mercury vapor in herbarium cabinets. Taxon 53(3): 783-790. 2004 [citation only] 2004
Hawthorne, William D. and Colin E. Hughes. Optimising linear taxon sequences derived from phylogenetic trees : a reply to Haston & al. Taxon 57(3): 698-704. 2008 QZ 1 .A531 pt. 2 2008
Hicks, A.J. and P.H. Hicks. A selected bibliography of plant collection and herbarium curation. Taxon 27(1): 63-69. 1978 [in journal]
Jain, S.K. A handbook of field and herbarium methods. Today and Tomorrow Printers & Publ., New Delhi, India. 157 p. 1977 [wish list]
Jarzen, David M. and Susan A. Jarzen. Collecting pollen and spore samples from herbaria. Pp. 37-45 in D.M. Jarzen and S.A. Jarzen. Laboratory manual, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada. [no year] QK 658 .J37
Joosten, Titia. Flower drying with a microwave : techniques and projects. Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York, NY. 1989 SB 447 .J66 1988
Jorgensen, Victoria. The preparing, pressing & mounting of bromeliads. Journal of the Bromeliad Society 23(6): 211-214. 1972 QK 61.032 .J67 1972
Kiger, Robert W. and James L. Reveal. Comprehensive scheme for standardizing abbreviation of usable plant-family names and type-based suprafamilial names [note: A scheme of four-character abbreviations for all properly usable plant-family names known to have been published to date, and of two-character rank suffixes for coordinated abbreviation of type-based names at standard suprafamilial ranks.] 2001 - [web site]
Electronic Version
Kobuski, Carence E., Conrad V. Morton, Marion Ownbey and Rolla M. Tryon. Report of the committee for recommendations in desirable procedures in herbarium practice and ethics. Brittonia 10: 93-95. 1958 [in journal]
Lamb, Samuel H. and Alan B. Curtis. A guide for developing a wood collection. Rev. ed. Forest Products Society for the International Wood Collectors Society, Madison, WS. vi, 42 p. 2005 QK 61 .L35 2005
Lander, Tonya A., Bernadeta Dadonaite and Alex K. Monro. Microwave drying of plant material for herbarium specimens and genetic analysis. Taxon 62(4): 790-797. 2013 QK 61 .L36 2013
Leenhouts, P. W. A guide to the practice of herbarium taxonomy. Regnum Vegetabile, vol. 58. International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy, Utrecht, Netherlands. 60 p. 1968 QK 61 .L43 1968
Letouzey, R., translated by R. Huggett. Manual of forest botany : Tropical Africa: vol. 1, general botany. Centre Technique Forestier Tropical, Nogent-sur-Marne, France. 1986 [wish list]
Lot, Antonio and Fernando Chiang, comps. Manual de herbario : administracion y manejo de colecciones, tecnicas de recoleccion y preparacion de ejemplares botanicos. Consejo National de la Flora de Mexico, A.C., Mexico. 142 p. 1986 QK 61 .L67 1986
Lundell, Cyrus Longworth. A useful method for drying plant specimens in the field. Wrightia 1(2): 161-162. 1946 QK 61 .L86 1946
MacDaniels, L. H. A portable plant drier for tropical climates. American Journal of Botany 17: 669-670. 1930 QK 61 .M32 1930
Malmgren, Ulf. Karlvaxtmontering vid Riksmuseet [Mounting of Vascular Plants at the Swedish Museum of Natural History] [2nd revised and enlarged edition] [text in Swedish with parital translation to English]. Ulf Malmgren, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Department of Phanerogamic Botany, Stockholm, Sweden. 53 p. 1989 QK 61 .M34 1989
Metsger, Deborah A. and Sheila C. Byers, eds. Managing the modern herbarium : an inter-disciplinary approach. Contribution ... from the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology of the Royal Ontario Museum, no. 53. Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, Washington, DC, as a joint project with The Royal Ontario Museum, Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. xxii, 384 p. 1999 QK 61 .M36 1999
Mori, Scott A., Amy Berkov, Carol A. Gracie and Edmund F. Hecklau. Tropical plant collecting : from the field to the internet.
Contents: My career as a tropical botanist / Scott A. Mori -- Amy's year in the rain forest / Amy Berkov -- Tips for tropical biologists / Scott A. Mori -- From the field / Scott A. Mori -- Into the herbarium / Scott A. Mori -- Onto the internet / Scott A. Mori -- Rain forests of tropical America : is there hope for their future? / Scott A. Mori -- Appendix A. Adopt-a-forest strategy / Scott A. Mori -- Appendix B. Funding for systematic botany / Scott A. Mori -- Appendix C. Personal field supplies / Scott A. Mori -- Appendix D. Essential collecting equipment / Scott A. Mori.
TECC Editora, Florianópolis, Brazil. xvii, 332 p. c2011 QK 61 .T76 2011

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