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PLabel: Herbarium Label Program

PLabel: Herbarium Label Program Quick Guide Table Structures Version Changes

The PLabel programs are designed to aid in the preparation of herbarium specimen labels and capture these label data in a database. The programs are not intended to be full-featured herbarium catalogs. The DOS version is usable but is no longer being updated. The MS-Windows version is now at version 2.0.


Changes in recent Microsoft update patches have resulted in incorrect font rendering in Plabel printing. Font kerning (spacing between letters), particularly in proportional fonts is not correct. PLabel formerly used MS-FoxPro forms with an OLE general field to embed rich text into the form. The rich text allowed for the inclusion of bold, italic and underline fonts within fields and in the body of the label. Microsoft has offered no solution to this change and since the error can not be overcome with the PLWin 1.0 version of printing, a new print methodology has been developed and is deployed in PLabel for Windows, Version 2.0. Please consult the Plabel for Windows Quick Guide for printing instructions.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the PLWin2.Zip file (right click the link and save to file). [latest version, 2.8: date: 30 Nov 2011]
    note: see version changes (corrections, etc.) for information on this version and patches.
  2. Unzip PLWin2.Zip onto your hard disk. It is best to do this in your root folder, therefore, e.g., extract to C:\. It will create a folder called "plwin2", with subfolders: data, pdata, prg, print. Don't unzip the program on your desktop!
  3. Create the following two folders either in your My Documents folder or in the root of your hard drive (e.g., C:\):
    \plwin_data [e.g., \My Documents\plwin_data\ -or- C:\plwin_data\ ]
    \plwin_printrtf [e.g., \My Documents\plwin_printrtf\ -or- C:\plwin_printrtf\ ]
  4. Find and highlight \plwin2\prg\plwin2.exe in your MS-Windows File Manager.
    - Right-click on it and select "Properties" in the menu.
    - Choose "Compatibility" and check "Disable Visual Themes".
    - Apply and close with those settings.
  5. You may also want to create a shortcut to \plwin2\prg\plwin2.exe on your desktop.
  6. Double-click \plwin2\prg\plwin2.exe or the PLWin2 shortcut to open the program.

Getting Started

READ the Quick Guide to PLabel for Windows

Screen Sizing
PLabel for Windows formerly defaulted to full screen view. This is becoming problematic now that monitors vary considerably in size. Fonts and fields do not render correctly when screens are more than about 1 1/4 wider than high. To resolve this issue the program now limits the enlargement of the window. Windows can be adjusted by dragging the corners with the mouse or choosing the standard MS-Windows sizing button (2nd from right) at the top right of the screen.

Upgrading from Version 1.0 Notes


PLabel for Windows, Version 1.0, is no longer available. Please use PLabel for Windows, Version 2.0. The links for downloads of this verson have been removed.

Version 1.8 of PLabel for Windows in now available.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the PLWin.Zip file (right click the link and save to file). [latest version date: 2 April 2008]
    note: see version changes (corrections, etc.) for information on this version and patches.
  2. Unzip PLWin.Zip onto your hard disk. It is best to do this in your root folder. It will create a folder called "plwin", with subfolders: data, pdata, prg, print. Don't unzip the program on your desktop!
  3. Find and highlight \plwin\prg\plwin.exe in your MS-Windows File Manager. Right-click, drag to the desktop and create a shortcut, if you want a shortcut on the desktop.
  4. Double-click the shortcut to open the program. Alternatively, you can run the program by just double clicking it in your file manager.


There are a number of potential problems that arise with the MS-Windows XP operating system.

IMPORTANT: you will need to read the Quick Guide to PLabel for Windows to understand features in the program. It is critical to also read the version changes (corrections, etc.) being made to the program.

IMPORTANT: if you've already installed the program and reinstall the entire program from plwin.zip you will not lose your user created label files but you will overwrite your headings, title, footings and family file. To update the program without doing this install the patches. Look at the table structures page to understand what is stored in the files for this program.

PATCHES - Once you've installed the program, you should update it by installing the smaller patches.
The patches are available on the version changes (corrections, etc.) page.


The PLabel program is designed to facilitate plant specimen label generation in a stand-alone setting. The program is self-contained and runs on a variety of host PC's, ranging from the rudimentary 8088-based, two-floppy-drive systems to modern 486-based systems. This allows, for example, students to use the program to create mini-databases and labels for their collecting projects without being tied into one single large collections database. The information from these mini-databases may then be selectively filtered, parsed and dumped into a larger collections database once specimens are accessioned. PLabel is not designed to be a collections cataloguing database.

PLabel is a DOS-based program . It was written before MS Windows became common. Therefore, it does not have the MS Windows "look-and-feel."

PLabel is written and compiled in Nantucket Clipper (Summer '87 version). The database files used by the program are standard DBaseIII files (without any memo fields). These files may be manipulated (fields added, files indexed, files searched, reports generated) in DBase, FoxBase, FoxPro or imported into other programs (such as MS Access) that can read the standard DBaseIII data structure. Before using the database under another program, refer to the PLabel manual for rules that must be observed in order to continue to use the data file in PLabel.

Plabel is distributed for free "as is" with absolutely no warranty, either express or implied. The author and the University of Florida may not be held responsible for errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies in the program and the user's manual or losses resulting from the use of this program.

Current version: 2.0005a, 24 May 2000

To download the complete program select the following link:

Also, read and/or save the following installation instructions file:

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