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Lampropeltis extenuata
(Brown 1890)
Short-tailed Snake
Geographic Distribution
: There are 143 vouchered records from 15 counties and an additional
unverified FNAI record from Suwannee County (Ichetucknee Springs State Park). This species
is endemic to peninsular Florida, occurring from southern Columbia and Suwannee counties
south to Highlands County and west to the Gulf of Mexico from Citrus to Pinellas counties.
Within its apparent range, records do not exist from Dixie and Osceola counties.
Earliest Recorded Voucher
: 1892 (USNM 21327).
This species was formerly
Stilosoma extenuatum
, a monotypic genus. Highton
(1956) described 3 subspecies that are no longer recognized (Highton 1976). Dowling and
Maxson (1990) found
to fall within kingsnakes (
) based on
immunological distance data; later, Keogh (1996) used morphological data and J. W. Fetzner, Jr.
(unpublished data) and Pyron and Burbrink (2009) used mitochondrial DNA to reach the same