Page 456 - Atlas of Amphibians and Reptiles in Florida

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We thank the following persons for their help in producing this atlas. Georeferencing and
database management assistance was provided by Meghan Godby, Melvin Gramke, Brendan
Skonieczny, Mackenzie Spakoski, Catherine Smith, Brian Camposano, John Morton, Sarah
Reintjes-Tolen, Anthony Lau, Michael Granatosky, William Moore, Thad Owens, Zachary
Martin, Jason Butler, James Nifong, Benjamin Atkinson, and Scott Travers. Assistance with
museum vouchers and identification was provided by James Layne and Betsie Rothermel (ABS);
Leslie Rissler and Bernard Kuhajda (ALA); Darrel Frost, David Kizirian, and Michael Klemens
(AMNH); Raymond Stone, Jr. (ANGSU); Ned Gilmore and Ted Daeschler (ANSP); A. Floyd
Scott (APSU); Wayne Van Devender (Appalachian State University); Craig Guyer and Christina
Romagosa (AUM); Jack Sites and Wilmer Tanner (BYU); Jens Vindum and Robin Lawson
(CAS); Stephen Rogers and C. J. McCoy (CM); Tim Matson (CMNH); John Friel and Roxanna
Normark (CU); Alan Resetar and Harold Voris (FMNH); Jim Diffily and Wesley Hathaway
(FWM); Elizabeth McGhee (GMNH); Carl Ernst (GMU); Ethan Kessler, Chris Phillips, and
Kevin Cummings (INHS); Dale Sparks, Chris Murphy, Brianne Walters, and John Whitaker, Jr.
(ISU); Rafe Brown, Andrew Campbell, and Joseph Collins (KU); Neftali Camacho and John
Wright (LACM); Ali Hamilton, Chris Austin, David Good, and Eric Rittmeyer (LSUMZ); Jose
Rosado, James Hanken, and Jonathan Losos (MCZ); Travis Taggart (MHP); Robert Henderson
and Max Nickerson (MPM); Tom Giermakowski and Howard Snell (MSB-UNM); Laura
Abraczinskas (MSU); Carol Spencer, David Good, and Barbara Stein (MVZ); Jeff Beane,
William Palmer, and Alvin Braswell (NCSM); Neil Douglas and John Carr (NLU); Janalee
Caldwell, Laurie Vitt, and Janet Braun (UO); Scott Moody (OUVC); Bob Murphy and Ross
MacCulloch (ROM); Brad Hollingsworth and Gregory Pregill (SDNHM); Ronald Brandon
(SIUC); Whit Gibbons and Jeff Lovich (SREL); Gerald Williamson, Win Seyle, and Robert
Graham (SSM); Allan Chaney and Darrel Frost (TAIC); James Dixon, Toby Hibbits, Lee
Fitzgerald, and Fred Hendricks (TCWC); Travis LaDuc (TNHC); Mitchell Leslie (TNHM);
Harold Dundee and Hank Bart (TU); George Bradley (UAZ); Chris Parkinson, Gregory Territo,
Allyson Modra, Lew Ehrhart, and Rick “Bubba” Owens (UCF); Christy McCain and Chris
Dwyer (UCM); Benjamin Kaufman (UI Urbana-Champaign); Burt Monroe (UL); Stephanie
McCormick and Frank Pezold (ULM); Julian Lee (UM); Gregory Schneider, Arnold Kluge, and
Ronald Nussbaum (UMMZ); Richard Tracy and Chris Feldman (UNR); Thomas Labedz
(UNSM); Henry Mushinsky (USF); Kenneth Tighe, George Zug, Kevin de Queiroz, Jeremy
Jacobs, Roy McDiarmid, and Robert Reynolds (USNM); Eric Smith, Jonathan Campbell, Carl
Franklin, Coleman Sheehy, and John Darling (UTACV); Carl Lieb (UTEP); Snead Collard
(UWF); and Gregory Watkins-Colwell and Jacques Gauthier (YPM).
Ryan Butryn, Cameron Carter, Justin Ellenberger, Allen Foley, Bethany Harvey, Sharon
Hester, John Himes, Dale Jackson, Anne Meylan, and Beth Stys provided databases with
unverified or unvouchered records. Photographs or photographic assistance were provided by
Randall Babb, Joseph Burgess, Brian Camposano, Guillaume Feuillet, Tony Gamble, Dennis
Giardina, Christopher Gillette, Michael Graziano, Jackie Guzy, Aubrey Heupel, Pierson Hill,
John Himes, Marisa Ishimatsu, Peter Janzen, John Jensen, Steve Johnson, Heather Jones, Kelly
Jones, Jennifer Ketterlin, Barry Mansell, Bruce Means, Moses Michelsohn, Mote Marine
Laboratory, National Park Service, Lori Oberhofer, Daniel Parker, Todd Pierson, Michael
Rochford, Caroline Rogers, Cynthia Rubio, Georgia Shemitz, Catherine Smith, Dustin Smith,
Dirk Stevenson, Kevin Stohlgren, Tony Tucker, and Joseph Wasilewski. Laura Morse, Stasey