Current Undergraduate Students

The undergraduates volunteers in the Reed Lab are top notch!  Proficient in many molecular genetics techniques, included DNA extraction, PCR, and gel electrophoresis, our undergraduates work hard to generate data for ongoing projects in the lab.  Many of our undergraduates have also been trained to take high-resolution images of mammal specimens and have gained skills working with software, like Photoshop and Lightroom.  In addition to the work they do in the lab, the undergraduates also attend a weekly lab seminar where we read and discuss peer-reviewed articles.  Below is more information about our current undergraduate volunteers.

Emily Bush
Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Future Interests: My interests include pathology, especially pertaining to infectious diseases. In the future I plan to study pharmacy.

Allie Gerace
Year: Junior
Major: Biology, Pre-Med
Future Interests: I plan to attend medical school and become a physician. I also want to do humanitarian work, ideally in the realm of relief medicine.

Samantha Johnson
Year: Sophmore
Major: Bioengineering
Future Interests: Graduate school

Nicole Norelli
Year: Junior
Major: Nutritional Sciences
Future Interests: Applying to naturopathic school to become an ND (naturopathic doctor) and eventually open up my own practice.

Mitul Patel
Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Interests: I plan on taking a year off to work in healthcare before medical school, where I want to study emergency medicine.

Becky Richey
Year: Junior
Major: International Studies - European Track
Future Interests: Research in primate conservation and taxonomy, teaching high school English Literature or opening a café-bar in New England

Bhavya Sheth
Year: Sophmore
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Future Interests: Attend a med school and/or work in the biomedical sciences/engineering industry either in research or industry related areas.  I enjoy participating in GatoRaas dance team, intramural sports, and one of my hobbies is to build things from scratch.

Claudia Zafra
Year: Junior
Major: Microbiology and Cell Life Sciences
Interests: Graduate school in public health and eventually working for the CDC