Bulletin of the Allyn Museum

The Bulletin of the Allyn Museum (ISSN-0097-3211) is a peer-reviewed intermittent publication of the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. The Bulletin was originally published by the Allyn Museum of Entomology in Sarasota, Florida, an off campus unit of the Museum until 2004, when the collections were moved to the McGuire Center. The name of the Bulletin is retained in honor of the late Arthur C. Allyn, Jr. Submissions to the Bulletin must be based in part on specimens in the McGuire Center or by prior approval of the editor. Back issues are available at the cost of original printing plus postage. Scans of most titles are available as pdf files at no cost. A complete list of titles and links to pdf files follows. For more information contact: Dr. Jacqueline Y. Miller, Editor, P.O. Box 112710, Gainesville, FL 32611-2710 (jmiller@flmnh.ufl.edu).

# 1 Miller, Lee D. and S.S. Nicolay 1971. Two new Charaxinae from Panama and the Canal zone (Nymphalidae). 5 pp., ill. Download 2.64 MB

# 2 Miller, Lee D. 1971. Descriptions of new species and notes on other Hesperiidae of Africa. 17 pp., ill. Print version, 6.29 MB, Web version 2.51 MB

# 3 Clench, Harry K. 1971. Two new hairstreaks from Mexico (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). 6 pp., ill. Download 572 KB

# 4 Miller, Lee D. and J.Y. Miller 1972. A new riodinid from northern Argentina. 5 pp., ill. Print version, 4.84 MB, Web version 624 KB

# 5 Ferris, Clifford D. 1972. Notes on certain species of Colias (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) found in Wyoming and associated regions. 23 pp., ill. Print version, 35.5 MB, Web version 3.43 MB

# 6 Miller, Jacqueline Y. 1972. Review of the Central American Castnia inca complex (Castniidae). 13 pp., ill. Download 4.72 MB

# 7 Miller, Lee D. and J.Y. Miller 1972. New high-altitude Herperiinae from Mexico and Ecuador (Hesperiidae). 7 pp., ill. Download 3.32 MB

# 8 Miller, Lee D. 1972. Revision of the Euptychiinae (Satyridae) Part I. Introduction and Paramacera Butler. 18 pp., ill. Download 7.37 MB

# 9 Wielgus, Ronald S., Joseph R. Wielgus, and Dale Wielgus, 1972. A new subspecies of Megathymus ursus Poling (Megathymidae) from Arizona with observations and notes on its distribution and life history. 11 pp., ill. Download 4.17 MB

# 10 Shields, Oakley S., 1973. Studies on North American Philotes (Lycaenidae). I. Roosting behavior, tending ants, parasites, and predators. 5 pp. Download 2.07 MB

# 11 Perkins, Edwin M., Jr., and W. Craig Meyer 1973. Revision of the Boloria epithore complex with description of two new subspecies (Nymphalidae). 23 pp., ill. Download 8.91 MB

# 12 Wielgus, Ronald S., Dale Wielgus, and Joseph R. Wielgus 1973. New foodplant and distribution records for Megathymus ursus(Megathymidae). 3 pp. Download 1.16 MB

# 13 Brown, Keith S., Jr., 1973. The Heliconians of Brazil (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Part V. Three new subspecies from the Mato Grosso and Rondonia. 19 pp., ill. Download 6.17 MB

# 14 Downey, John C. and Arthur C. Allyn, 1973. Butterfly ultrastructure. I. Sound production and associated abdominal structures in pupae of Lycaenidae and Riodinidae. 47 pp., ill. Download 13.8 MB

# 15 Shields, Oakley, 1973. Studies on North American Philotes (Lycaenidae). II. The biology, distribution, and taxonomy of Philotes sonorensis (F. & F.). 16 pp., ill. Print version, 7.16 MB, Web version 1.14 MB

# 16 Brown, F. Martin 1974. The butterfly called Ismeria by Boisduval and LeConte (with a neotype for Eresia carlota Reakirt). 12 pp., ill. Print version, 19.1 MB, Web version 2.88 MB

# 17 Wielgus, Ronald S. and Dale Wielgus 1974. A new sandydesert subspecies of Megathymus coloradensis (Megathymidae) from extreme northern Arizona. 16 pp., ill. Print version, 6.07 MB, Web version 1.13 MB

# 18. Ferris, Clifford D. 1974. Distribution of arctic-alpine Lycaena phlaeas L. (Lycaenidae) in North America with designation of a new subspecies. 13 pp., ill. Print version, 5.49 MB, Web version .92 MB

# 19 Shields, Oakley 1974. Studies on North American Philotes (Lycaenidae). III. Generic reassignments and the biology of speciosa. 10 pp., ill. Download 3.18 MB

# 20 Miller, Lee D. 1974. Revision of the Euptychiini (Satyridae). 2. Cyllopsis R. Felder. 99 pp., ill. Download 32.8 MB

# 21 Vane-Wright, R.I. 1974. Eugene LeMoult's Prepona types (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Charaxinae). 10 pp. Print version, 3.68 MB, Web version .52 MB

# 22 Steinhauser, Stephen R. 1974. Notes on neotropical Nymphalidae and Hesperiidae with descriptions of new species and subspecies and a new genus. 38 pp., ill. Download 12.9 MB

# 23 Wielgus, Ronald S. and Don B. Stallings, 1974. The laboratory biology of Megathymus streckeri and Megathymus texanus texanus (Megathymidae) with associated field observations. 15 pp., ill. Download 3.03 MB

# 24 Kendall, Roy O., 1975. Larval foodplants for seven species of hairstreaks (Lycaenidae) from Mexico. 4 pp. Download 1.24 MB

# 25 Clench, Harry K. 1975. A review of the genus Hypostrymon (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). 7 pp., ill. Download 2.17 MB

# 26 Brown, Keith S., Jr. 1975. The Heliconians of Brazil (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Part VI. Aspects of the biology and ecology of Heliconius demeter with description of four new subspecies. 19 pp., ill. Download 6.72 MB

# 27 Kendall, Roy O. and W.W. McGuire 1975. Larval foodplants for twenty-one species of skippers (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) from Mexico. 7 pp. Download 2.13 MB

# 28 Shields, Oakley 1975. Studies on North American Philotes (Lycaenidae). IV. Taxonomic and biological notes, and new subspecies. 36 pp., ill. Download 16.7 MB

# 29 Steinhauser, Stephen R., 1975. An annotated list of the Hesperiidae of El Salvador. 34 pp., ill. Print version, 14.47 MB, Web version 6.22 MB

# 30 Ackery, P.R. 1975. A new Pierine genus and species with notes on the genus Tatochila (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). 9 pp., ill. Download 3.07 MB

# 31 Downey, John C. and Arthur C. Allyn, 1975. Wing-scale morphology and nomenclature. 32 pp., ill. Print version, 9.8 MB

# 32 Kendall, Roy O. 1976. Larval foodplants and life history notes for some metalmarks (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae) from Mexico and Texas. 12 pp. Print version, 5.41 MB, Web version 0.79 MB

# 33 Miller, Lee D. 1976. Revision of the Euptychiini (Satyridae) 3. Megisto Hubner. 23 pp., ill. Download 7.80 MB

# 34 Miller, Jacqueline Y. 1976. Studies in the Castniidae. II. Descriptions of three new species of Castnia, s.l. 13 pp., ill. Print version, 4.27 MB, Web version 0.75 MB

# 35 Nicolay, S.S. 1976. A review of the Hubnerian genera Panthiades and Cycnus (Lycaenidae: Eumaeini). 13 pp., ill. Download 8.16 MB

# 36 Ferris, Clifford D. 1976. Revisionary notes on Plebejus (Icaricia) shasta (Edwards). 16 pp., ill. Download 5.1 MB

# 37 Brown, F. Martin 1976. Oligodonta florissantensis, gen. n., sp. nov. (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). 4 pp., ill. Download 4.48 MB

# 38 Johnson, Kurt 1976. Three new nearctic species of Callophrys (Mitoura) with a diagnosis of all nearctic consubgeners (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). 30 pp., ill. Print Version, 9.3 MB Smaller version 4.3 MB

# 39. Kendall, Roy O., 1976. Larval foodplants for thirty species of skippers (Lepidoptera:Hesperiidae) from Mexico. 9 pp. Download 2.97 MB

# 40 Allyn, A.C. and John C. Downey 1976. Diffraction structures in the wing scales of Callophrys (Mitoura) siva siva (Lycaenidae). 6 pp., ill. Print version, 2.25 MB, Web version 0.37 MB

# 41 Miller, Lee D. and Jacqueline Y. Miller 1976. Notes on Mexican Charaxinae (Nymphalidae). 13 pp., ill. Print version, 5.29 MB, Web version 0.93 MB

# 42 Allyn, Arthur C., Jr. and John C. Downey, 1977. Observations on male u-v reflectance and scale ultrastructure on Phoebis (Pieridae). 20 pp., ill. Download 3.25 MB

# 43 Johnson, Kurt and George Balogh 1977. Studies in the Lycaeninae (Lycaenidae). 2. Taxonomy and evolution of the nearctic Lycaena rubidus complex, with descriptions of a new species. 62 pp., ill. Download 20.4 MB

# 44 Nicolay, S.S. 1977. Studies in the genera of American hairstreaks. 4. A new genus of hairstreak from Central and South America (Lycaenidae: Eumaeini). 24 pp., ill. Download 6.25 MB

# 45 Ferris, Clifford D. 1977. Taxonomic revision of the species dorcas Kirby and helloides Boisduval in the genus Epidemia Scudder (Lycaenidae: Lycaeninae). 42 pp., ill. Download 15.0 MB

# 46 Steinhauser, Stephen R. and Lee D. Miller, 1977. Three new species of Adelpha (Nymphalidae) from Mexico and Colombia. 10 pp., ill. Print version, 3.88 MB, Web version 0.67 MB

# 47 Fisher, Michael S., with appendix by Lee D. Miller 1977. The taxonomy and identity of Papilio nitra W.H. Edwards in Colorado (Papilionidae). 8 pp., ill. Download 2.91 MB

# 48 Downey, John C. and Arthur C. Allyn 1978. Sounds produced in pupae of Lycaenidae. 14 pp., ill. Download 3.45 MB

# 49 Miller, Lee D. and Jacqueline Y. Miller 1978. "East Indian" butterflies: Notes and descriptions. 1. Satyridae and Danaidae. 23 pp., ill. Download 6.60 MB

# 50 Miller, Lee D. 1978. Revision of the Euptychiini (Satyridae). 4. Pindis R. Felder. 12 pp., ill. Print version, 4.85 MB, Web version 0.77 MB

# 51 Miller, Lee D. and F.M. Brown, 1979. Studies in the Lycaeninae (Lycaenidae). 4. The higher classification of the American coppers. 30 pp., ill. Download 8.39 MB

# 52 Freeman, Hugh Avery, 1979. Nine new species and seven new records of Mexican Hesperiidae. 13 pp., ill. Download 3.81 MB

# 53 Callaghan, Curtis J., 1979. A new genus and a new subspecies of Riodinidae from southern Brazil. 8 pp., ill. Download 1.73 MB

# 54 Miller, Lee D. and Bernard Rotger 1979. Two new Chlosyne (Nymphalidae) from Mexico. 4 pp., ill. Download 1.10 MB

# 55 Downey, John C. and Arthur C. Allyn, Jr. 1979. Morphology and biology of the immature stages of Leptotes cassius theonus Lucas (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). 27 pp., ill. Download 9.23 MB

# 56 Nicolay, S.S. 1979. Studies in the genera of American hairstreaks. 5. A review of the Hubnerian genus Parrhasius and description of a new genus Michaelus (Lycaenidae: Eumaeini). 52 pp., ill. Download 13.4 MB

# 57 Ferris, Clifford D. and Richard W. Holland 1980. Two new subspecies of Occidryas anicia (Doubleday) from New Mexico. 90 pp., ill. Download 2.75 MB

# 58 Sommer, William W. and Albert Schwartz 1980. A new species of Atlantea (Nymphalidae) from Hispaniola, West Indies. 4 pp., ill. Download 1.10 MB

# 59 Nicolay, S.S., 1980. Descriptions of new Hesperiidae from Panama and Ecuador (Pyrginae and Hesperiinae). 17 pp., ill. Download 4.77 MB

# 60 Miller, Jacqueline Y. 1980. Studies in the Castniidae. III. Mirocastnia. 15 pp., ill. Print version, 5.31 MB, Web version 0.89 MB

# 61 Downey, John C. and Arthur C. Allyn, 1980. Sculpturing in eggs of Lycaenidae. Part I. 29 pp., ill. Download 12.1 MB

# 62 Steinhauser, Stephen R. 1981. Revision of the Proteus group of the genus Urbanus Hubner (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). 41 pp., ill. Download 14.9 MB,

# 63 Ferris, Clifford D. 1981. A new subspecies of Colias alexandra W. H. Edwards and notes on Colias hecla Lefebvre (Pieridae: Coliadinae). 12 pp., ill. Download 3.63 MB

# 64 Clench, Harry K. 1981. New Callophys (Lycaenidae) from North and Middle America. 31 pp., ill. Download 8.31 MB

# 65 Miller, Jacqueline Y. and Lee D. Miller 1981. Taxonomic notes on some Graphium species from the Solomon Islands. 7 pp., ill. Download 2.00 MB

# 66 Schwartz, Albert and Carlos J. Jimenez 1982. The butterflies of Montserrat, West Indies. 18 pp., ill. Download 6.46 MB

# 67 Brown, John W. and David K. Faulkner 1982. New Rhopalocera from Baja California with the description of a new species of Habrodais Scudder (Lepidoptera: Theclinae). 6 pp., ill. Download 1.87 MB

# 68 Barcant, Malcolm 1982. Two new subspecies of Heliconiinae (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) from Tobago, West Indies. 5 pp., ill. Download 1.48 MB

# 69 Schwartz, Albert 1982. Variation in Hispaniolan Greta diaphana (Ithomiidae). 10 pp., ill. Download 3.33 MB

# 70 Smith, David S., Dennis Leston, and Barbara Lenczewski 1982. Variation in Eurema daira (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) and the status of palmira in southern Florida. 8 pp., ill. Download 2.48 MB

# 71 Ferris, Clifford D. 1982. Revision of the North American Colias hecla Lefebvre (Pieridae: Coliadinae). 19 pp., ill. Download 5.61 MB

# 72 McGuire, William W. 1982. New oviposition and larval hostplant records for North American Hesperia (Rhopalocera: Hesperiidae). 6 pp. Download 2.55 MB

# 73 McGuire, William W. 1982. Notes on the genus Hesperia in Texas: temporal and spatial relationships. 21 pp., ill. Download 6.35 MB

# 74 Nicolay, S.S. 1982. Studies in the genera of American hairstreaks. 6. A review of the Hubnerian genus Olythus (Lycaenidae: Eumaeini). 30 pp., ill. Download 7.13 MB

# 75 Allyn, A.C., Miriam Rothschild and D.S. Smith 1982. Microstructure of blue/green and yellow pigmented wing membranes in Lepidoptera with remarks concerning the function of pterobilins. 1. Genus Graphium. 20 pp., ill. Print version, 8.4 MB, Web version 1.6 MB

# 76 Ferris, Clifford D. and John F. Emmel, 1982. Discussion of Papilio coloro W.G. Wright (= Papilio rudkini F. & R. Chermock) and Papilio polyxenes Fabricius (Papilionidae). 13 pp., ill. Download 3.26 MB

# 77 Miller, Lee D. and Pierre Viette 1982. A review of Eugene LeMoult's names of Helicopis (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae) 17 pp. Download 6.25 MB

# 78 Callaghan, Curtis J., 1983. A new genus of riodinid butterflies. 7 pp., ill. Download 1.68 MB

# 79 Steinhauser, Stephen R. 1983. Notes on Ridens Evans, 1952 with descrition of a new species from Mexico. 7 pp., ill. Download 1.61 MB

# 80 Schwartz, Albert, 1983. A new Hispaniolan Calisto (Satyridae). 10 pp., ill. Download 3.57 MB

# 81 Jenkins, Dale W. 1983. Neotropical Nymphalidae I. Revision of Hamadryas. 146 pp., ill. Download 37.7 MB

# 82 Gali, Frank, 1983. Two new species of Choranthus (Hesperiidae) from Hispaniola, West Indies. 9 pp., ill. Download 2.77 MB

# 83 Brown, J.W. and D.K. Faulkner, 1984. Distributional records of certain Rhopalocera in Baja California, Mexico, with the description of a new subspecies of Papilio (Heraclides) antyalue (Godart) (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae). 9 pp., ill. Download 2.89 MB

# 84 Downey, J.C. and A.C. Allyn 1984. Chorionic sculpturing in eggs of Lycaenidae. Part II. 44 pp., ill. Download 16.9 MB

# 85 Schwartz, Albert and Frank Gali, 1984. Five new species of Calisto (Satyridae) from Hispaniola. 18 pp., ill. Download 5.74 MB

# 86 Kendall, Roy O. and William W. McGuire 1984. Some new and rare records of Lepidoptera found in Texas. 50 pp., ill. Download 16.9 MB

# 87 Jenkins, Dale W. 1984. Neotropical Nymphalidae. II. Revision of Mycelia. 67 pp., ill. Download 17.8 MB

# 88 Miller, Lee D. and Javier de la Maza E. 1984. Notes on Cyllopsis, especially from Mexico with description of a new species (Lepidoptera: Satyridae). 7 pp., ill. Download 2.02 MB

# 89 Ferris, Clifford D. 1984. Overview of Clossiana improba (Butler) in North America with a description of a new subspecies from Wyoming (Nymphalidae: Argynninae). 7 pp., ill. Download 2.14 MB

# 90 Downey, John C. and Arthur C. Allyn 1984. Chaetotaxy of the first instar larva of Hemiargus ceranus antibubastus (Hbn.) (Lycaenidae). 5 pp. Download 2.36 MB

# 91 Curtis, Nelson S. and Clifford D. Ferris 1985. A review of Colias meadii W.H. Edwards with a description of a new subspecies from Idaho (Pieridae: Coliadinae). 9 pp., ill. Download 2.83 MB

# 92 Jenkins, Dale W. 1985. Neotropical Nymphalidae. III. Revision of Catonephele. 65 pp., ill. Download 18.0 MB

# 93 Schwartz, Albert 1985. A new subspecies of Calisto (Satyridae) from Hispaniola, West Indies. 5 pp., ill. Download 1.54 MB

# 94 Ferris, Clifford D. 1985. A new subspecies of Apodemia hypoglauca (Godman & Salvin) from the Yucatan Peninsula (Lycaenidae: Riodinidae). 7 pp., ill. Download 1.78 MB

# 95 Jenkins, Dale W. 1985. Neotropical Nymphalidae. IV. Revision of Ectima. 30 pp., ill. Download 7.72 MB

# 96 Ferris, Clifford D. 1985. Revision of Colias boothii Curtis, Colias thula Hovanitz and Colias nastes Boisduval in North America (Pieridae: Coliadinae). 51 pp., ill. Download 15.1 MB

# 97 Miller, L.D. and J.Y. Miller 1985. Arthur C. Allyn 1913-1985). 6pp., ill. Download 2 MB

# 98 Callaghan, Curtis J. 1985. A preliminary revision of the genus Nymphidium (Rhopalocera, Riodinidae). 21 pp., ill. Download 6.26 MB

# 99 Schwartz, Albert and Jacqueline Y. Miller 1985. A new species of hairstreak (Lycaenidae) from Hispaniola. 6 pp., ill. Download 2.01 MB

# 100 Callaghan, Curtis J. 1986. A preliminary revision of the genus Nymphidium (Riodinidae). 7 pp., ill. Download 1.76 MB

# 101 Jenkins, Dale W. 1986. Neotropical Nymphalidae. V. Revision of Epiphile. 70 pp., ill. Download 18.2 MB

# 102 Johnson, Kurt, Bruce MacPhearson, Jeffrey I. Ingraham 1986. A new genus of Eumaeini (Theclinae) from western Argentina (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae). 7 pp., ill. Download 2.32 MB

# 103 Parsons, Michael 1986. A revsion of the genus Callictita Bethune-Baker (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from thte mountains of New Guinea. 27 pp., ill. Download 8.4 MB

# 104 Steinhauser, Stephen R. 1986. A review of the skippers of the genus Narcosius group of species of the genus Astraptes Hubner (sensu Evans, 1952) and erection of a new genus. Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae. 43 pp., ill. Download 13.8 MB

# 105 Simon, Mark J. and Lee D. Miller 1986. Observations of Great Inagua Island, Bahamas, with records of three species new to the island. 14 pp., ill. Download 4.73 MB

# 106 Johnson, Kurt 1986. A new species of Tmolus (Lycaenidae) with notes on the Euptychia (Satyridae) mimicry complex. 11 pp., ill. Download 3.66 MB

# 107 Austin, George T. 1986. A review of the satyrine genus Neominois, with descriptions of three new subspecies. 27 pp., ill. Download 9.42 MB

# 108 Gonzalez, Fernando L. 1987. Three new species and one new subspecies in the Grannus complex of Hispaniolan Calisto (Lepidoptera: Satyridae). 17 pp., ill. Download 5.73 MB

# 109 Austin, George T. 1987. Nevada populations of Polites sabuleti and the descriptions of five new subspecies. 24 pp., ill. Print version, 8.87 MB, Web version 36.0 MB

# 110 Schwartz, Albert 1987. The taxonomic status of Pseudochrysops (Lycaenidae) on Puerto Rico. 5 pp., ill. Download 2.06 MB

# 111 Steinhauser, Stephen R., 1987. Notes on the identity of the species-group names in the genera Urbanus and Astraptes (sensu Evans). 16 pp. Download 4.38 MB

# 112 Ferris, Clifford D. 1987. A revision of the North American Salix- feeding Colias species (Pieridae: Coliadinae). 25 pp., ill. Download 7.27 MB

# 113 Miller, Lee D. 1987. A new subspecies of Heraclides aristodemus from Crooked Island, Bahamas, with a discussion of the distribution of the species. 8 pp., ill. Download 2.50 MB

# 114 Jenkins, Dale W. 1987. Neotropical Nymphalidae. VI. Revision of Asterope (= Callithea auct.). 66 pp., ill. Download 22.1 MB

# 115 Holland, Richard 1988. A new subspecies of Speyeria atlantis (Nymphalidae) from South-Central New Mexico. 9 pp., ill. Download 2.08 MB

# 116 Ferris, Clifford D. 1988. Revision of Several North American Leguminosae-feeding Colias species with description of a new subspecies (Pieridae: Coliadinae). 28 pp., ill. Download 8.49 MB

# 117 Schwartz, Albert and Fernando L. Gonzalez 1988. A new species of Calisto (Satyridae) from Hispaniola. 5 pp., ill. Download 1.59 MB

# 118 Smith, Michael J. and Jim P. Brock 1988. A review of the Thessalia leanira complex in the southwestern United States (Nymphalidae: Melitaeinae), with a description of two new subspecies of Thessalia fulvia. 21 pp., ill. Download 7.29 MB

# 119 Callaghan, Curtis J. 1988. Preliminary revision of the genus Nymphidium (Riodinidae). III. The Omois group. 6 pp., ill. Download 1.9 MB

# 120 Austin, George T. 1988. Nevada populations of Polites sabuleti. II. Replacement name for Polites sabuleti pallida. 1 p. Download 0.2 MB

# 121 Smith, David Spencer, Stuart J. Ramos, Fautino McKenzie, Eugene Munroe, and Lee D. Miller 1988. Biogeographical affinities of the butterflies of a 'forgotten' island: Mona (Puerto Rico). 35 pp., ill. Download 12.8 MB

# 122 Ferris, Clifford D. 1988. Revision of the North American Ericaciae-feeding Colias species (Pieridae: Coeliadinae). 34 pp., ill. Download 10.6 MB

# 123 Johnson, Kurt, Robert C. Eisele, and Bruce MacPherson, 1988. The "Hairstreak Butterflies" (Lycaenidae, Theclinae) of Northwestern Argentina. I. Introduction, Calycopis, Calystryma, Tergissima and Femniterga. 49 pp., ill. Download 15.5 MB

# 124 Schwartz, Albert 1989. Rediscovery of Adelpha lapitha hall, 1929 (Nymphalidae) on Hispaniola, West Indies. Download 2.56 MB

# 125 Jenkins, Dale W. 1989. Neotropical Nymphalidae. VII. Revision of Nessaea. 38 pp., ill. Download 12.4 MB

# 126 Miller, Jacqueline Y. and F. Martin Brown 1989. A new oligocene fossil butterfly, Vanessa amerindica (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) from the Florissant Formation, Colorado. 9 pp., ill. Download 424 KB

# 127 Steinhauser, Stephen R. 1989. Taxonomic notes and descriptions of new taxa in the neotropical Hesperiidae. Part I. Pyrginae. 70 pp., ill. Download 26.6 MB

# 128 Ferris, Clifford D. 1989. A new species of Colias from Utah (Pieridae: Coliadinae). 11 pp., ill. Download 3.73 MB

# 129 Lemaire, Claude and Nadia Venedictoff 1989. Catalogue and biogeography of the Lepidoptera of Ecuador. I. Saturniidae, with a description of a new species of Meroleuca Packard. 60 pp., ill. Download 15.3 MB

# 130 Johnson, Kurt, Robert C. Eisele, and Bruce MacPherson, 1990. The "Hairstreak Butterflies" (Lycaenidae, Theclinae) of Northwestern Argentina. II. Strymon, sensu stricto. 77 pp., ill. Download 25.8 MB

# 131 Jenkins, Dale W. Neotropical Nymphalidae. VIII. Revision of Eunica. 177 pp., ill. Download 51.1 MB

# 132 Steinhauser, S. R. 1991. Taxonomic notes and descriptions of new taxa in the neotropical Hesperiidae, Vinius group. 79 pp., ill. Download 22.3 MB

# 133 Smilth, D.S., L.D. Miller, and F. McKenzie, 1991. The butterflies of Anegada, British Virgin Islands, with descriptions of a new Calisto (Satyridae) and a new Copaeodes (Hesperiidae) endemic to the island. 25 pp., ill. Download 10.3 MB

# 134 Smith, D.S., K. Johnson, J.Y. Miller, F. McKenzie, 1991. A new hairstreak butterfly (Lycaenidae) from Mona Island, Puerto Rico. 9 pp., ill. Download 3.31 MB

# 135 Austin, G.T. 1992. Cercyonis pegala (Fabricius) (Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) in the Great Basin: new subspecies and biogeography. 59 pp., ill. Print version, 23.38 MB, Web version 8.66 MB

# 136 Becker, V.O. and S.E. Miller, 1992. The butterflies of Guana Island, British West Indies. 9 pp., ill. Download 2.70 MB

# 137 Turner, T.W. and J.Y. Miller, 1992. A new species of Cyanophrys (Lycaenidae: Theclinae) from Jamaica. 7 pp., ill. Download 1.81 MB

# 138 Ferris, C.D. 1993. Reassessment of the Colias alexandra group, the legume-feeding species, and preliminary cladistic analysis of the North American Colias (Pieridae: Coliadinae). 91 pp., ill. Download 30.6 MB

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# 141 Steinhauser, Stephen R. 1996. Three new Paratrytone species from Mexico (Hesperiidae: Lepidoptera). 11 pp., ill. Download 3.55 MB

# 142 Ferris, Clifford D. 2003. A new species of Pero from Wyoming and Idaho (Lepidoptera: Geometridae). 4 pp., ill. Download 1.08 MB

# 143 Douglass, John F. and Lee D. Miller 2003. Afrotropical skippers (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea) and the emergence of the combined refugium theory. 18 pp., ill. Print version, 7.60 MB, Web version 1.17 MB

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# 145 Miller, Jacqueline Y. 2007. Studies in the Castniidae. IV. Description of a new genus, Insigniocastnia. 7 pp., ill.

# 146 Anderson, Richard A. 2007. A list of Hesperiidae collected in Nicaragua, 1973-1976. 19 pp., ill.

# 147 Steinhauser, Stephen R. 2007. Four new species of neotropical skippers from Colombia, Peru and Brazil (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). 11 pp., ill.

# 148 Austin, George T. and Olaf H.H. Mielke 2007. Hesperiidae of Rondônia, Brazil: Carystus, with descriptions of two new species (Hesperiidae: Hesperiiinae). 13 pp., ill.

# 149 Austin, George T., Lee D. Miller and Jacqueline Y. Miller 2007. Taxonomic comments on Pseudolycaena Wallengren (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Theclinae: Eumaeini). 22 pp., ill. Download 808 KB

# 150 Austin, George T., Andrew D. Warren, Carla M. Penz, Jorge E. Llorente-Bousquets, Armando Luis-Martínez, and Isabel Vargas-Fernández 2007. A new species of Opsiphanes Doubleday, [1849] from western Mexico (Nymphalidae: Morphinae: Brassolini). 20 pp., ill. Download 3.25 MB

# 151 Viloria, Ángel L., Lee D. Miller, Jacqueline Y. Miller, and Tomasz W. Pyrcz. 2008. Reassessment of Parapedaliodes Forster and Neopedaliodes Viloria, L.D. Miller & J.Y. Miller, with descriptions of new taxa (Nymphalidae: Satyrinae). 43 pp., ill. Download 4.7 MB

# 152 Stephen R. Steinhauser 2008. New genus and four new species of Hespriinae from Guyana and Peru (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). 13 pp., ill.

# 153 Anderson, Richard A., George T. Austin and Andrew D. Warren 2008. A female Haemactis Mabille, 1903, from Central America (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae). 5 pp., ill.

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