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Issue 7, April 2013
The McGuire Center is proud to be involved
with the ecotourism movement on many levels.
Not only is the Center directly involved in the
industry by planning and leading ecotours, but
it actively trains students on an academic level.
Through collaborative efforts between the McGuire
Center, Florida Museum and the UF Department
of Entomology and Nematology, undergraduate,
Master’s and Doctorate ecotourism majors are now
offered, which prepare students for careers in both
the academic and industry arenas of ecotourism.
For more information on ecotours offered through
the McGuire Center and Florida Museum of Natural
History, please contact Court Whelan at Expedition
Travel, or 352-871-2710.
Monarch tagged in Gainesville, Florida, to monitor migration route
to the Mexican overwintering colony.
Monarchs drinking from puddles on a warm day, Michoacán, Mexico
Monarch colony, Michoacán, Mexico.