Staff Profile: Kyu-Tek Park

Visiting Scientist & Curator

Kyu-Tek "K.T." Park received his M.S. in zoology from Hyung-Hee University and a Ph.D. in entomology from Seoul National University in 1983. After graduation, Park worked as a professor at Kangwon National University in Korea for 25 years. He maintains a close association with the university, where he also served as the dean of the College of Agriculture. Since 2007, Park has worked most of the year at the McGuire Center, where he sometimes curates micro-Lepidoptera, but mostly conducts taxonomic research. In 2011 he published 16 professional articles on various groups of moths, including Lecithoceridae, Notodontidae, Oecophoridae, Pterophoridae and Yponomeutidae.

Park is actively involved in development of the entomological knowledge in Korea. Starting in the '70s, he served 12 years as a director of the Entomological Society of Korea and 14 years as editor-in-chief of the journal Insecta Koreana. He also served as president of various societies, including the Korean Biodiversity Council, Korean Society of Applied Entomology and Korean Society of Systematic Zoology. In 1991 he organized the First International Symposium of CIS, Biodiversity Research in Korea; in 2002, the First Bilateral Symposium on Biodiversity Research in the Korean Peninsula; and in 2005, the Fifth Asia Pacific Conference of Entomology. Park also is a fellow and vice president of The Korean Academy of Science and Technology.

Park has authored or co-authored more than 30 books and monographs on the subjects of general entomology, including the Illustrated Catalogue of Tortricidae in Korea, Gelechiidae in the Korean Peninsula and Adjacent Territories, and Guide to the Insects of Taiwan. He also has authored or co-authored more than 270 scientific journal articles describing more than 400 new species and 10 new genera.

Park's fieldwork experience is extensive, spanning 40 years. He has worked in Northern China (1999- 2002), Northern Vietnam (2002-present); Thailand and Philippines (2005-present); and New Guinea (2010-present). Park is one of the few remaining taxonomists trained in traditional morphological systematics of micro-Lepidoptera and is able to not only continue his research, but advise new taxonomists. His main goal, however, is to review the worldwide fauna of the family Lecithoceridae.

McGuire Center: Kyu-Tek Park curates and conducts research on micro-Lepidoptera six months a year at the McGuire Center, splitting the rest of the time between his continuous involvement in the scientific life of South Korea and his field work in East Asia.