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infl = inflorescence (flowering shoot)
infr = infructescence (fruiting shoot)

Acanthella sprucei illustration      
Aciotis asplundii illustration      
Aciotis ornata illustration      
Aciotis rubricaulis infl infl habit  
Aciotis viscosa illustration      
Acisanthera crassipes illustration      
Acisanthera quadrata habit habit    
Acisanthera uniflora illustration      
Adelobotrys adscendens fruit      
Adelobotrys ayangannensis illustration      
Adelobotrys boissieriana illustration      
Adelobotrys panamensis infl infr habit  
Adelobotrys permixta illustration      
Anaectocalyx bracteosa illustration      
Arthrostema alatum illustration      
Arthrostema ciliatum illustration flower flower  
Axinaea grandifolia illustration      
Axinaea oblongifolia illustration      
Bellucia pentamera illustration      
Bertolonia venezuelensis illustration      
Blakea anomala fruit fruit    
Blakea brunnea bud bud flower fruit
Blakea calycosa fruit habit    
Blakea chlorantha flower fruit anthers  
Blakea aff. costaricensis bud bud fruit fruit
Blakea crinita leaves leaves habit habitat
Blakea cuatrecasii buds buds fruit habit
Blakea eriocalyx flower      
Blakea foliacea flower fruit fruit leaf
Blakea fuchsioides flower flower flower fruit
Blakea glandulosa illustration      
Blakea gracilis flower flower flower  
Blakea grandiflora fruit      
Blakea grisebachii illustration      
Blakea aff. herrerae fruit habit    
Blakea involvens flower flower    
Blakea jativae flower flower    
Blakea litoralis flower      
Blakea pauciflora flower flower flower  
Blakea polyantha fruit stem    
Blakea pulverulenta flower      
Blakea quadriflora fruit fruit    
Blakea rotundifolia flower leaf    
Blakea storkii fruit fruit    
Blakea trinervia flower flower    
Blakea tuberculata infl bud / fruit fruit  
Blakea urbaniana flower1 flower2    
Blakea wilburiana flower flower leaves habit
Brachyotum fraternum illustration      
Bucquetia nigritella illustration      
Bucquetia vernicosa illustration      
Calycogonium torbecianum flower      
Castratella rosea illustration      
Centradenia inaequilateralis flower fruit    
Centronia laurifolia illustration      
Centronia neblinae illustration      
Chaetolepis anisandra illustration      
Chaetolepis phelpsiae subsp. chimantensis illustration      
Charianthus alpinus flower      
Charianthus corymbosus flower      
Charianthus dominicensis habit      
Charianthus grenadensis habit flower    
Charianthus nodosus flower habit infl  
Clidemia ayangannensis illustration      
Clidemia capitellata habit      
Clidemia ciliata var elata flower infl fruit node
Clidemia clandestina flower fruit leaf  
Clidemia costaricensis leaves      
Clidemia densiflora flower habit    
Clidemia epiphytica fruit habit    
Clidemia erythropogon flower      
Clidemia folsomiii infl infl infl  
Clidemia globuliflora flower habit    
Clidemia grisebachii flower      
Clidemia hirta flower fruit habit  
Clidemia hirta var. tiliaefolia illustration      
Clidemia monantha flower habit    
Clidemia oligantha flower      
Clidemia pittieri infl      
Clidemia saltuensis illustration      
Clidemia saulensis illustration      
Clidemia semijuga illustration      
Clidemia sericea habit      
Clidemia siapensis illustration      
Clidemia spectabilis habit      
Clidemia strigillosa flower flower habit  
Clidemia tenebrosa infl infl habit  
Clidemia umbrosa habit      
Comolia ayangannae illustration      
Comolia coriacea illustration      
Conostegia attenuata illustration      
Conostegia icosandra flower illustration habit  
Conostegia macrantha flower bud sect. flower flower
Conostegia montana infl      
Conostegia monteleagreana infl / infr infl / infr    
Conostegia oerstediana infl flower    
Conostegia pittieri flower fruit    
Conostegia pyxidota flower      
Conostegia rhodopetala infl fruit    
Conostegia rufescens leaves      
Conostegia setosa flower infl infl domatia
Conostegia subcrustulata flower infl habit  
Conostegia subhirsuta flower      
Conostegia xalapensis infl fruit infl  
Desmoscelis villosa illustration      
Diolena hygrophila illustration      
Dissotis rotundifolia bud flower    
Ekmaniocharis crassinervis flower      
Ernestia confertiflora illustration      
Ernestia pullei illustration      
Farringtonia fasciculata illustration      
Graffenrieda colombiana illustration      
Graffenrieda bella infl habit domatia  
Graffenrieda irwinii illustration      
Graffenrieda latifolia flower      
Graffenrieda reticulata illustration      
Henriettea barkeri flower      
Henriettea fascicularis fruit      
Henriettea lasiostylis illustration      
Henriettea multiflora illustration      
Henriettea spruceana illustration      
Henriettella caudata illustration      
Henriettella odorata illustration      
Henriettella rimosa illustration      
Heterotrichum angustifolium flower fruit    
Heterotrichum umbellatum flower fruit    
Huberia peruviana illustration      
Leandra clidemioides illustration      
Leandra clidemioides subsp. ecuadorense illustration      
Leandra lima flower      
Leandra melanodesma flower infl infl habit
Leandra nervosa illustration      
Leandra paleacea illustration      
Leandra polyadena illustration      
Leandra subulata flower      
Llewelynia williamsii illustration      
Loreya spruceana illustration      
Loreya subandina illustration      
Loreya subrotundifolia illustration      
Macairea maroana illustration      
Macairea parvifolia illustration      
Macrocentrum brevipedicellatum illustration      
Macrocentrum droseroides illustration      
Maieta guianensis illustration      
Maieta neblinensis illustration      
Mallophyton chimantense illustration      
Marcetia taxifolia illustration      
Mecranium acuminatum habit      
Mecranium amygdalinum flower      
Mecranium haitiense flower      
Mecranium microdictyum flower      
Mecranium multiflorum flower      
Mecranium ovatum fruit      
Mecranium revolutum flower habit    
Medinilla meyerantha flower infl    
Meriania brevipedunculata flower flower    
Meriania campii illustration      
Meriania grandiflora infr      
Meriania involucrata flower      
Meriania leucantha fruit      
Meriania macrophylla var. macrophylla flower infl infl  
Meriania panamensis infr      
Meriania parvifolia flower fruit    
Meriania phlomoides bud bud sect. fruit leaves
Meriania purpurea flower      
Meriania sclerophylla illustration      
Meriania urceolata illustration      
Miconia aeruginosa flower infl    
Miconia affinis infl habit    
Miconia albicans infl flower infl habit
Miconia amplinodis infl fruit nodes  
Miconia apiculata infl      
Miconia astroplocama infr fruit leaf  
Miconia barkeri infl habit    
Miconia boomii illustration      
Miconia brenesii fruit      
Miconia campii illustration      
Miconia chionophila illustration      
Miconia ciliata infl habit    
Miconia concinna flower infl habit  
Miconia costaricensis flower infl infl habit
Miconia crocata flower infl infl  
Miconia decurrens illustration      
Miconia desportesii infl      
Miconia diaphanea illustration      
Miconia dielsiana flower habit    
Miconia dielsii illustration      
Miconia dissita flower infl infl  
Miconia dodecandra infl infr flower  
Miconia dolichopoda leaves leaves    
Miconia domingensis infl      
Miconia donaeana flower infl infl habit
Miconia dunstervillei illustration      
Miconia favosa habit      
Miconia foveolata infl habit    
Miconia friedmaniorum infr infr    
Miconia fuertesii habit      
Miconia gibba illustration      
Miconia guaiquinimae subsp. guaiquinimae illustration      
Miconia howardiana infl      
Miconia hypiodes infl infr habit  
Miconia hypoleuca illustration      
Miconia ibaguensis infl habit    
Miconia idiogena illustration      
Miconia impetiolaris var. pandurifolia infl infl    
Miconia jimenezii infl stem    
Miconia krugii infl habit    
Miconia lacera fruit infr infr  
Miconia laevigata flower infl infr habit
Miconia laevipilis illustration      
Miconia lamprophylla illustration      
Miconia lanceolata flower      
Miconia lonchophylla infr fruit    
Miconia loreyoides infr      
Miconia maroana illustration      
Miconia martinicensis infl      
Miconia melanotricha infl infl    
Miconia meridensis illustration      
Miconia metallica illustration      
Miconia mirabilis flower      
Miconia multiplinervia infr leaves    
Miconia napoana illustration      
Miconia oldemanii illustration      
Miconia pachyphylla habit      
Miconia pastazana illustration      
Miconia pisinniflora illustration      
Miconia plukenetii illustration      
Miconia prasina infl flower infr habit
Miconia pubipetala illustration      
Miconia pujana illustration      
Miconia pycnoneura infr infr    
Miconia pyramidalis flower infl    
Miconia quadrangularis flower infl    
Miconia racemosa flower habit infl  
Miconia rigida infl habit    
Miconia rimachi illustration      
Miconia roraimensis illustration      
Miconia rubens infl      
Miconia rubiginosa infl      
Miconia rupestris illustration      
Miconia rupticalyx illustration      
Miconia samonensis flower infr    
Miconia sastrei illustration      
Miconia schlimii flower infl    
Miconia schnellii flower fruit leaf  
Miconia serialis illustration      
Miconia serrulata flower infl    
Miconia silicicola illustration      
Miconia sintenisii flower infr    
Miconia skeanii infl infr    
Miconia smaragdina infl infr    
Miconia spichigeri illustration      
Miconia stenobotrys flower infl    
Miconia subcorymbosa fruit infr    
Miconia tamana illustration      
Miconia tetrandra flower infl leaves  
Miconia tetrastoma infl infr    
Miconia theazans infr infr    
Miconia tillettii illustration      
Miconia tonduzii var serrulata flower fruit infr habit
Miconia triangularis illustration      
Miconia xenotricha flower infr infr  
Miconia zanonii infr      
Microlicia benthamiana illustration      
Microlicia guanayana illustration      
Monochaetum exaltatum flower habit infl  
Monochaetum floribundum flower fruit habit  
Monochaetum linariifolium flower      
Monochaetum pauciflorum illustration      
Monochaetum polyneuron illustration      
Monolena panamensis flower habit    
Monolena primulaeflora illustration      
Mouriri gleasoniana flower leaves    
Myriaspora egensis illustration      
Myrmidone macrosperma illustration      
Neblinanthera cumbrensis illustration      
Necramium gigantophyllum illustration      
Nepsera aquatica illustration      
Opisthocentra clidemioides illustration      
Ossaea barahonensis flower      
Ossaea brenesii infl      
Ossaea coarctiflora illustration      
Ossaea laxivenula illustration      
Ossaea micrantha illustration flower infl  
Ossaea spicata flower infl infl leaves
Ossaea woodsii flower      
Pachyloma setosum illustration      
Phainantha laxiflora illustration      
Pilocosta campanensis flower habit    
Pilocosta nana flower      
Pterogastra minor illustration      
Pterolepis glomerata flower      
Pterolepis pumila illustration      
Rhexia alifanus flower flower leaves  
Rhexia mariana flower fruit    
Rhexia nuttallii flower fruit    
Rhexia petiolata flower      
Rhynchanthera apurensis illustration      
Rhynchanthera dichotoma illustration      
Sagraea fuertesii fruit      
Sagraea gracilis habit      
Salpinga maranonensis illustration      
Salpinga pusilla illustration      
Siphanthera cordifolia illustration      
Siphanthera duidae illustration      
Tateanthus duidae illustration      
Tessmannianthus quadridomius illustration      
Tetrazygia bicolor flower1 flower2    
Tetrazygia crotonifolia flower fruit    
Tetrazygia discolor flower fruit    
Tetrazygia fadyenii flower infl habit  
Tetrazygia pallens flower fruit    
Tetrazygia urbaniana flower fruit    
Tetrazygia urbanii flower1 flower2    
Tibouchina anderssonii illustration      
Tibouchina chamaecistus flower      
Tibouchina cryptadena illustration      
Tibouchina fraterna illustration      
Tibouchina longifolia flower flower flower  
Tibouchina urvilleana flower flower    
Tibouchina wasshausenii illustration      
Tibouchina wurdackii flower flower leaves  
Tococa chuivensis var. ecuadorensis illustration      
Tococa desiliens illustration      
Tococa guianensis flower infl habit  
Tococa lancifolia illustration      
Tococa platyphylla infl habit    
Topobea albertiae fruit fruit    
Topobea cf. brevibractea flower fruit    
Topobea calignosa fruit fruit habit leaves
Topobea cordata buds fruit fruit habit
Topobea cutucuensis flower      
Topobea dodsonorum fruit habit    
Topobea ferruginea illustration      
Topobea fragrantissima flower flower flower fruit
Topobea hexandra leaves leaves    
Topobea intricata buds buds    
Topobea maguirei illustration      
Topobea aff. maurofernandeziana buds buds buds fruit
Topobea multiflora flower flower infl buds
Topobea parasitica illustration      
Topobea parvifolia flower fruit habit  
Topobea pitteri fruit fruit fruit fruit
Topobea setosa flower flower leaves  
Topobea subscaberula flower flower fruit  
Triolena pustulata illustration      
Triolena spicata infr habit    

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