of the world

Photos and illustrations of selected species
Delta description of the family
Our current understanding of relationships within the family
Current and ongoing research around the world
A comprehensive listing of publications on  the family
Melastomatologists around the world

Information on the largest tribe including a synonymy database
Various databases that include references to the Melastomataceae
"Weedy" under normal circumstances, some species are especially problematic when introduced
Notes on the cultivation of melastomes, plus suggestions of species that merit attention
Web sites worth exploring


TreeBASE - A centralized location for a vast scope of phylogenetic information.
Tree of Life - A searchable, clickable cladogram with information about every form of life on earth. - This is a portal into the GBIF, and other, taxonomic databases
PBI Miconieae - A National Science Foundation, Planetary Biodiversity Inventory project that aims to produce a complete taxonomic inventory and description of the tribe Miconieae.

Herbaria & Collections
Types - Search the Smithsonian (US) collection of nearly 2000 melastome type specimens.
Collection - Search the entire collection at the New York Botanical Garden (NY).
Types - Type specimens at the New York Botanical Garden (NY).
Types - Type and general specimens at the Harvard University Herbaria (HUH).
Types - Type specimens at the University of Florida herbarium (FLAS).
Paris- Search the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (P).
Collection - A directory of genera, species, and collection label data for Melastomataceae in the collection at the Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio), Costa Rica.
Illustrations - An excellent set of illustrations from the Smithsonian Institution.

NCBI - Search GenBank for DNA sequences of melastomes.
IPCN - Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers.

Taxonomy resources
Synonymy - This is a complete list of synonyms at the suprageneric level.
Genera - A list of all currently accepted genera (with synonyms).
IPNI - The ultimate in plant names and bibliographic references.
Kew Bibliographic Databases - This is an important resource for conducting literature searches.
Brahms - This is an excellent database that anyone may use for botanical investigations or collections management.

Rhexia and Tetrazygia in Florida - Info and images from the Atlas of Vascular Plants of Florida
Central French Guiana - A collections database of Melastomataceae from NYBG.
Acre, Brazil - This collections database is part of a NYBG floristics and economic botany project.
Images - A collection of images of melastomes from Tropicos; many are type specimens.
Flora of Thailand - Information specifically pertaining to that project, the vegetation, and botanical investigations in Thailand.

Rare plants - Search the World Conservation Monitoring Center (part of the IUCN) for threatened species.


Charles Darwin - Did you know that even Darwin himself was driven nearly to madness by melastomes? Go to this page, hit ctrl + f and type 'mela' in the find box to get to the right paragraph quickly.

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