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Information on the largest tribe including a synonymy database
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The intent of this page is to summarize recent and ongoing projects of concern to Melastomatologists. Additional projects will be posted in the near future.

Global - A site with information on the biodiversity of Melastomataceae.

New World
PBI Miconieae - A National Science Foundation, Planetary Biodiversity Inventory project that aims to produce a complete taxonomic inventory and description of the tribe Miconieae.

Biological Diversity of the Guianas Project - Smithsonian Institution is conducting a long-term exploration of the flora of this biologically rich region that has historically been undercollected.

Flora Mesoamericana - Dig through layers of data on the flora of Central America. Frank Almeda has completed the treatment of the Melastomataceae for this project.

Central French Guiana - A collections database of Melastomataceae from NYBG.

Acre, Brazil - This collections database is part of a NYBG floristics and economic botany project.

Old World
Virtual Herbarium: The Nationaal Herbarium Nederland (National Herbarium of the Netherlands, NHN). This is an essential resource for those conducting research on Old World melastomes.

Melastomataceae for Flora of Thailand - This project has recently been completed and this treatment is now in press.

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