Currently at the McGuire Center

Andrei Sourakov curates collections and writes grant proposals, which enable the McGuire Center to purchase supplies for collections and to pay technical personnel. Also, when time allows, he conducts research and publishes in peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, he supervises students in pursuit of graduate degrees (usually, students are enrolled through the Department of Entomology and Nematology). He helps them choose projects appropriate for their thesis work, assists with logistics and search for funding, and reads and critiques their works. On a regular basis, Sourakov helps the Museum’s exhibits department with producing displays for public exhibits. He also instructs volunteers and interns who wish to work in the collections (the Florida Museum of Natural History has an extensive volunteer program, and the Museum’s volunteer coordinator recruits volunteers to work in the collections every semester). As a public service to the community, he gives lectures about butterfly biology at the Museum and in local schools.


At the University of Florida, Sourakov also has taught several classes: Techniques in Lepidoptera Research, Scientific Illustration of Lepidoptera, and recently he co-taught, with Keith Willmott, Biology of Lepidoptera (a seminar course that explores Lepidoptera as objects of research in a broad range of disciplines). Occasionally, he also gives lectures in classes offered by other instructors, such as Honors study in Lepidoptera Biology, or Insect Conservation.

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