NAPC Student Financial Assistance

NOTE: The deadline for student grants has passed; no more applications will be accepted at this time.

The 10th North American Paleontological Convention is pleased to announce that support is available for students attending and presenting at the conference. Student financial aid applications are due on November 15th. Successful applicants will receive an email confirmation of funding on December 1st.

Eligibility: You must be the FIRST AUTHOR and PRESENTER in order to receive funding. In order to apply for support, the following documents are required:

  1. Proof of student status - Please provide a signed letter from your advisor or the chair of your department stating that you are a currently registered student at your institution.
  2. A complete copy of your abstract - Please provide a complete copy of your abstract, including title, authors, and abstract text.
  3. Abstract submission confirmation - Please provide a copy of the confirmation email that you received upon submitting your abstract to NAPC.
  4. List of other funding sources - Please submit a list of funding sources that you have applied for (or plan to apply for) specifically for use in this conference.
  5. Explanation of financial needs - Please provide a brief explanation of your financial request. You can request (1) conference registration waiver and/or (2) travel funds. If you are requesting travel funds, please provide an estimate of your travel expenses, existing funds (personal funds can be included in the budget), and the requested amount of funding.

Submission instructions: Please assemble all above listed documents into a single PDF document. Name your PDF file as follows: "Lastname_firstname_NAPC.pdf" (e.g., Smith_John_NAPC.pdf). Please email the file to

Important Note: Whereas we anticipate providing financial support to all qualified applicants, the exact level of support will depend on the number of applications and the amount of available funds.