Soltis and Gitzendanner tree of lifeIn the 2015-2016 academic year, Museum faculty and staff taught more than 600 students in 36 courses through the departments of Anthropology, Biology, Entomology & Nematology, Geological Sciences, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation and others. They directed independent studies and research topics for 47 students totaling more than 600 credit hours, chaired 106 graduate committees and served on the graduate committees of another 168 students.

Course NameInstructorFrequencyCourse ## CreditsArea
(Un)Common Read: Your Inner Fish Bloch & Blackburn periodically IDH 3931 1 Paleontology
Advanced Invertebrate Biodiversity Paulay   ZOO 6927 4 Invertebrates
Animals and Human Affairs (undergrad course) Guralnick       Science and society
Anthropological Museology Marquardt   ANT 3181/ANG 6186 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Anthropology of Non-Market Economies Keegan every third year ANT/ANG 6930 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Archaeological Ceramics Wallis   ANG 6112C 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Archaeological Theory Keegan       Archaeology and Anthropology
Archaeological Theory Marquardt       Archaeology and Anthropology
Archaeology of Kinship Keegan every third year     Archaeology and Anthropology
Avian Anatomy and Specimen Preparation Steadman, Kratter every other spring ZOO 4926/6927 4 Vertebrates
Avian Biology Robinson every spring ZOO 4472 4 Vertebrates
Biological Nomenclature Cellinese, Judd   BOT 6935/ZOO 6927 2 Theory and methods
Biological Nomenclature Williams       Theory and methods
Biology of Lepidoptera Sourakov       Invertebrates
Biology of Salamanders Nickerson     2 Vertebrates
Biology of Snakes Nickerson       Vertebrates
Broader Impacts of Science on Society Reed fall of even years ZOO 6927 2 Science and society
Caribbean Ceramics Keegan        
Colonial Continuities Cobb   ANG 6930 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Current Issues in Archaeology Emery   ANG 6905 section 28CG 1-3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Data & Analysis in Natural Sciences Kowalewski every fall GLY 6932/4930/ ZOO 6927/4926 3 Theory and methods
Data Quality in Zooarchaeology Emery     3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Ecological Niche Modeling (seminar) Guralnick   ZOO 6927 1 Theory and methods
Ecology of Trophic Interactions in Lepidoptera (individual studies) Sourakov       Invertebrates
Environmental Archaeology​     ANG 6120/ANT 4147   Archaeology and Anthropology
Environmental Archaeology​ Journal Club Emery   ANG 6905 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Evolutionary Biogeography Cellinese       Theory and methods
Evolutionary Biogeography Willmott       Theory and methods
Field Sessions in Archaeology Wallis   ANT 4824 6 Archaeology and Anthropology
Florida Archaeology Wallis   ANT 3930 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Florida Vertebrate Paleontology Bloch   ZOO 4926/6927; GLY 4930/5786L 2 Geology/Biology
Global Change Biology (seminar)​ Guralnick   BOT 6935 2 Theory and methods
Graduate/advanced undergrad reading group on biogeography, evolution & systematics, focused on marine invertebrates Paulay       Theory and methods
Grant Writing Daniels every spring ALS 6046 2 Theory and methods
Herbarium Management Perkins, Judd, Williams irregular BOT 6935   Plants
Herpetology Blackburn every other spring starting 2017 ZOO 6927 4 Vertebrates
Herpetology Nickerson       Vertebrates
Herpetology: Colloquium on Climate Change Seminar Blackburn   ZOO 6927 2 Vertebrates
Historical Ecology         Archaeology and Anthropology
Human Ecology Keegan        
Ichthyology Page   ZOO 6456C 4 Vertebrates
Informal STEM Practice MacFadden   EDA 4930 3 Education
Insect Biogeography Willmott       Invertebrates
Insects and Plants Sourakov, Willmott   IDH 3931 1 Invertebrates
Introduction to Marine Science Paulay   GLY 3083C 3 Theory and methods
Invertebrate Biodiversity Paulay advanced version offered as well ZOO 4305C 4 Invertebrates
Invertebrate Field Biology Kawahara   ENY 3163/5164 3 Invertebrates
Island Biogeographyand Paleontology Steadman       Theory and methods
Mammalogy Reed fall of odd years ZOO 5486C 4 Vertebrates
Maya Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy Milbrath   ANG 5162 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Measuring Biodiversity in the Fossil Record Kowalewski   GLY 6930/ ZOO 6927 1 Geology/Biology
Molecular Systematics Soltis P&D   BOT 6935 3 Theory and methods
Museum Ethics LeCompte   ARH 6930 3 Science and society
Museum internships in Collections Management LeCompte       Science and society
Orchid Pollination Seminar Williams might be offering spring 2017     Plants
Paleobotanical Methods Manchester       Paleontology
Paleobotany Manchester   BOT 4935/GLY 6932 3 Paleontology
Palynology--Systematic Pollen and Spore Morphology Manchester       Paleontology
Phylogenetic Systematics Seminar Cellinese   BOT 6935/ ZOO 6927 1 Theory and methods
Phylogenetic Systematics Seminar Kawahara   BOT 6935/ ZOO 6928 1 Theory and methods
Phylogenetic Systematics Seminar Soltis P&D   BOT 6935/ ZOO 6929 1 Theory and methods
Phylogenomics Kawahara   BOT 6935/ ZOO 6927 2 Theory and methods
Plagues and People Cobb   AMT 3930 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Plant Geography Cellinese   BOT 4621 3 Plants
Pollination Biology Seminar Williams   BOT 4935 2 Plants
Practical Plant Taxonomy Soltis P&D   BOT 2710 3 Plants
Primate Evolution Bloch every other spring ANG 4554C/6930; ZOO 4926/6927 3 Anthropology/Biology
Principles of Plant Taxonomy Solis   BOT 2710 4 Plants
Principles of Systematic Biology Cellinese   BOT 6726C/ZOO 6927 4 Theory and methods
Principles of Systematic Biology Soltis P   BOT 6726C/ZOO 6927 4 Theory and methods
Problems in Caribbean Prehistory Keegan every third year     Archaeology and Anthropology
Research in Insect Biodiversity Willmott, Kawahara   BSC 2930/4905; ENY 2930/4905 1-2 Invertebrates
Research Methods Soltis D   BOT 4935 1 Theory and methods
Research Methods in Plant Evolutionary Biology: From Field to Museum to Molecular Lab Soltis P&D       Theory and methods
Research: Surveying Aquatic Acoustic Methodology Nickerson   WIS 7979 1-2 Theory and methods
Snake Biology Nickerson   WIS 4944/6934/ ZOO 4926/6927 2 Vertebrates
Special Topics: Cenozoic Vertebrates of the Neotropics. Bloch periodically ZOO 6927; GLY 6932 2 Paleontology
Special Topics: Citizen Science MacFadden   ZOO 6927 1 Science and society
Spider Biology Kawahara   ZOO/ENY 4926 3 Invertebrates
Spring Vertebrates in Lotic Habitats Nickerson       Vertebrates
Suwannee Valley Archaeological Field School Wallis       Archaeology and Anthropology
Systematic fruit and seed morphology-lecture and laboratory Manchester       Paleontology
Systematic leaf morphology Manchester       Plants
Systematics of Orchidaceae Williams   BOT 6935 3 Plants
Taxonomy of Vascular Plants Cellinese   BOT 5725 4 Plants
Taxonomy of Vascular Plants Soltis P   BOT 5725 4 Plants
Techniques in Lepidoptera Systematics (individual studies) Sourakov       Invertebrates
The Archaeology of Kinship and Social Organization Keegan   ANG 6186 3 Archaeology and Anthropology
Topics in Field Geology: Florida Vertebrate Paleontology Bloch every spring GLY 4930/6930; ZOO 4926/6927 2 Paleontology
Tropical Entomology Miller   ENT 3564/5567; ENT 3563/5566 2-3 Invertebrates
Vascular Plant Taxonomy Cellinese   BOT 5725C 4 Plants
Vertebrate Paleontology Seminar Bloch, Steadman every fall ZOO 6927GLY 4930/6932 1 Paleontology
Vertebrate Paleontology: The Fossil Record and Evolution of Vertebrates Bloch periodically ZOO 5115C; GLY 4930/6932 3 Paleontology
Zooarchaeology of Central America Emery       Archaeology and Anthropology