Upcoming Seminars

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars are on Fridays at 4:15 p.m. in Dickinson Hall, room 371.



January 13, 2017 - Nareerat Boonchai, University of Florida/Thailand
Prominent Fossil Sites and Museums in Thailand: A New Conservation Concept Toward UNESCO Global Geopark Network  
Host: Steve Manchester

January 20, 2017 - Steve Manchester, FLMNH, University of Florida
Biogeographic and climatic implications of anatomically preserved plant remains from 66 million-year-old sediments in India
Host: Steve Manchester


January 27, 2017 - Philip Gingerich, University of Michigan
Origin and Early Evolution of Whales  
Host: Jon Bloch


February 3, 2017 - Shuhai Xiao, Virginia Tech
Oxygen and Early Evolution of Animals  
Host: Michal Kowalewski


February 10, 2017 - Jenny McGuire, Georgia Tech
Using the Quaternary Record to Determine How Species Will Respond to Global Change
Host: Rob Guralnick


February 17, 2017 - Milton Tan, Emory University
Evolution of Fishes Great and Small: Phylogenomics, Body Size Evolution, and Genomics 
Host: Larry Page

February 24, 2017 - Hélène Huet, Suzan Alteri, Laurie Taylor, Valrie Minson; Marston Science Library, University of Florida
Digital Collaborations between the Libraries and the Florida Museum 
Host: Kitty Emery


March 3, 2017 - Ken Sassaman, University of Florida
Climate Change, Soapstone Vessel Caches, and Human Interventions to Sea-Level Rise, 5000-3000 BP
Host: Neill Wallis

March 10, 2017 - NO SEMINAR (SPRING BREAK)


March 17, 2017 - James Hanken, Harvard University
Marrying the Old and the New: Evolutionary Innovation and Conservation in the Embryonic Derivation of the Vertebrate Skull
Host: David Blackburn


March 24, 2017 - Juan Luis Parra, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia
Color Evolution in Hummingbirds


March 31, 2017 - Chuck Davis, Harvard University
Host: Pam Soltis & Doug Soltis


April 7, 2017 - Alison Davis Rabosky, University of Michigan
The Origin and Evolution of Phenotypic Convergence: Insights From Mimicry 
Host: David Blackburn


April 14, 2017 - Melissa Debiasse, Whitney Laboratory, University of Florida
Host: Verity Mathis

Past Seminars

FALL 2016

September 9, 2016 - Terry Harpold, University of Florida
Making Sense of Climate Change – and Reaching the General Public – With Science Fiction   
Host: Tiffany Ireland


September 16, 2016 - Keith Wilmott, FLMNH, University of Florida
Mimicry, niches and diversity of clearwing butterflies across space and time  
Host: David Reed


September 23, 2016 - Daniel Sasson, University of Florida
Life as a simultaneous hermaphrodite: a ctenophore love story  
Host: Gustav Paulay


September 30, 2016 - Marc Frank, FLMNH, University of Florida
Invasive Plants and Noxious Weeds in Florida  
Host: Herbarium


October 17, 2016 - Akito Kawahara, FLMNH, University of Florida
Phylogenetics reveals the evolution of anti-bat strategies in the megadiverse butterflies and moths
Host: David Reed


October 21, 2016 - Marc Branham, University of Florida
Bioluminescence in Beetles and its Role in Communication


October 28, 2016 - Joe Ryan, University of Florida
Host: Gustav Paulay


November 4, 2016 - Stephen Mayor, University of Florida
Host: Rob Guralnick


November 11, 2016 - Milton Tan, Emory University
Host: Larry Page


December 2, 2016 - Bruce MacFadden, FLMNH, University of Florida
Host: Jon Bloch


December 9, 2016 - David Polly, Indiana University
Functional traits, environments, and clades:  at the interface of climate, ecology, and evolution
Host: Jon Bloch and Bruce MacFadden



January 15, 2016 - Ross MacPhee, American Museum of Natural History
Systematic proteomics in vertebrate paleontology: the possibilities and pitfalls of using collagen sequence inforomation in phylogeny reconstructions   
Host: Jonathan Bloch


January 22, 2016 - Matt Smith, Plant Pathology, University of Florida
Ecology of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the Guiana Shield: A molecular perspective  
Host: Mark Whitten


January 29, 2016 - Douglas Soltis and Pamela Soltis, FLMNH, University of Florida
Big trees, big data, and the study of biodiversity
Host: Gustav Paulay


February 5, 2016 - Joe Meert, Geological Sciences, University of Florida
Rapid changes of magnetic field polarity in the late Ediacaran: linking the Cambrian evolutionary radiation and increased UV-B radiation
Host: Gustav Paulay


February 12, 2016 - Jonathan Bloch, FLMNH, University of Florida
First North American fossil monkey and early Miocene Tropical Biotic Interchange
Host: Gustav Paulay


February 16, 2016 - Nigel Hussey, GLIER, University of Windsor
From the poles to the tropics: Animal movement and trophic dynamics and their interaction for conservation and management planning
Host: Gustav Paulay


March 11, 2016 - Zhe-Xi Luo, University of Chicago
Mammalioform fossils and origins of mammals
Host: Jonathan Bloch


March 18, 2016 - Brian Moore, University of California, Davis
TRecent progress on Bayesian phylogentic methods for studying lineage diversification: New methods for detecting the impact of mass extinctions events and improved methods for identifying diversification-shift rates across lineages
Host: Nico Cellinese


March 25, 2016 - Bill Keegan, FLMNH, University of Florida
Speciation without geographical isolation


April 1, 2016 - Brian Wiegmann, North Carolina State University
Phylogenomics to map the 250 millilon year diversification of true flies
Host: Akito Kawahara


April 8, 2016 - Nathan Jud, FLMNH, University of Florida
The ecology and evolution of flowering plants during the Cretaceous
Host: Jonathan Bloch and Steve Manchester


April 15, 2016 - Walter Judd, FLMNH, University of Florida
The Plants of J.R.R. Tolkien: A Flora of Middle-earth
Host: Larry Page


FALL 2015

October 2, 2015 - Steven M. Holland, University of Georgia (INAUGURAL SEMINAR)
The Stratigraphy of Mass Extinctions
Host: Michal Kowalewski