Peer-reviewed Publications (* denotes publications with undergraduates)

Jankowski, J.E., Merkord, C.L., Rios, W.F., Cabrera, K.C., Salinas R., N., Silman, M.R. (in review) Links between Andean
     bird and tree communities: Using current associations to anticipate effects of climate change.  Global Change Biology.

Laurance, W.F., Useche, D.C., Shoo, L.P., Merkord, C.L.,--- Jankowski, J.E., et al. (in review) Global warming and the
     vulnerability of tropical biota: Where do thermal specialists live?  Global Change Biology.

Jankowski, J.E., Robinson, S.K., Levey, D.J. (in press) Squeezed at the top: Interspecific aggression constrains elevational
     ranges in tropical birds.  Ecology.

Gasner, M.R., Jankowski, J.E., Ciecka, A.L., Kyle, K.O., Rabenold, K.N. (in press) Projecting impacts of climate change on
     Neotropical montane forests.  Biological Conservation.

*Levey, D.J., Londoño, G.A., Ungvari-Martin, J., Hiersoux, M.R., Jankowski, J.E., Poulsen, J.R., Stracey, C.M., Robinson,
     S.K. (2009) Urban mockingbirds quickly learn to identify individual humans.  Proceedings of the National Academy of
     Sciences USA 106: 8959-8962. (PDF)

Steadman, D.W., Montambault, J.R., Robsinson, S.K., Oswalt, S.N., Brandeis, T.J., Londoño, G.A., Reetz, M.J., Schelsky,
     W.M., Wright, N.A., Hoover, J.P., Jankowski, J., Kratter, A.W., Martinez, A., Smith. J. (2009) Relative abundance, habitat
     use, and long-term population changes of wintering and resident landbirds on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Wilson Journal of
     Ornithology 121: 41-53. (PDF)

*Jankowski, J. E., Ciecka, A.L, Meyer, N.Y., Rabenold, K.N. (2009) Beta diversity along environmental gradients: Implications
     of habitat specialization in tropical montane landscapes.  Journal of Animal Ecology 78: 315-327. (PDF)

Jankowski, J.E., Rabenold, K.N. (2007) Endemism and local rarity in birds of Neotropical montane rainforest.  Biological
     Conservation 138: 453-463. (PDF)

Publications in Preparation

Jankowski, J.E. (in prep) Habitat heterogeneity and avian diversity in tropical mountains: Bringing a landscape perspective to
     elevational gradients.  Planned for Ecological Monographs, to be submitted March 2010.

Merkord, C.L., Jankowski, J.E., Thompson III, F.R., Faaborg, J. (in prep) Point counts suggest partial migration in birds on the
     Eastern Slope of the Andes.  Planned for Ecological Applications, to be submitted February 2010.

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