Nesting Videos at different elevations

 Tono (800-110m asl)

Phaetornis superciliosus  Tono Forest view

Tono Forest  Tono bathing stream 

 Ruddy Quail-Dove (Geotrygon montana). Tono 1000m.  Ruddy Quail-Dove Eggs (Geotrygon montana). Tono 1000m.

San Pedro (1200-1500m asl)


Water Fall nest to the road, San Pedro, 1500m
 Camping at the San Pedro Plataform.

 San Pedro cloud forest view, 1500m,   San Pedro Plataform

San Pedro River  Manu road at San Pedro 1500m.

Wayqecha (2800-3100m asl)

 Camping site at Wayquecha, 2900m. Wayquecha Cabins

 Wayquecha forest view  Clouds moving trhu the Wayquecha forest, 2900m

 Wayquecha over view on the amazonian lowland forest.   view of the Kcosnipata rive from Wayquecha.

 Sunset at Wayquecha, 2900m. Clear afternoon for agreat view from the Wayquecha station.

 Wayquecha forest, with cabin in the background.  Welcom sing Wayquecha field station, 2900m


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