Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) Project


 During four breeding seasons of 2005-2008 and currently we (Judit  Ungvari-Martin, Monique Hiersoux and Molly Phillips; UF undergraduates) have  study different aspect of the incubation and nestling face of the Northern  Mockingbird. Our study site is at the University of Florida campus, during these  breeding seasons we captured and color banded more than 160 adult birds and  more than 250 nestlings. We also monitored more than 450 nests. We used data  loggers to measure time on the nest and conducted direct observation to estimate  nestling feeding rates by the adult birds. The Northern mockingbird is a species  where only the female incubate (male does not provision food while the female is  on the nest) and both parents feed the nestlings. Mockingbird clutch size can  varied between 2 and 5 eggs but the average is three. We want to thank D.  DeSantis, J. Jankowski, W. Schelsky. and A Savage,  for helping with data        collection during the first two breeding seasons. Please click on the following link Projects to see current and previous projects

Mockingbird Field Crew 2006-2008


Mockingbird Field Crew 2009


Oona Tanako, Michelle Kelly, Andrew Schaeffer, Gustavo Londono, Daphna Shaw, Yanet Maderos, Melissa Williams





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