What makes the Northern Mockingbird (Mimus Polyglottos) an urban "winner"?

A Ph.D. research project by Christine Stracey

Study Sites

We collect all of our data across a gradient of urbanization - from parking lots to wildlife preserves - that vary considerably in the amount of ground cover that is comprised of pavement and buildings.

Urban Non-urban
Parking lots Residential Neighborhoods Pastures Wildlife Preserves
47% pavement cover 12% pavement cover 0.1% pavement cover 0.0% pavement cover
Butler Plaza
Oaks Mall
Audubon Park
UF Beef Research Unit
UF Santa Fe River Ranch Beef Unit
Ordway-Swisher Biological Station
Paynes Prairie State Park

I would like to thank all those who have given me permission to poke around on their property - without your permission this project would not be possible!


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