Post Doctoral Associate

Austin Hendy

Austin Hendy, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate
Invertebrate Paleontology
250 Dickinson Hall
1659 Museum Road
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 273-1942

M.Sc., University of Waikato, New Zealand; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Research Interests

The relationships between biological diversity and environmental change; invertebrate paleontology and marine ecology (especially Cenozoic and Recent mollusks); paleobiogeography and global tectonics through time; systematics of tropical American mollusks.

Current Projects

  • Diversity and systematics of Neogene mollusks from the Guajira Peninsula, Colombia
  • Stratigraphy and paleoecology of the Late Miocene Gatun Formation, Panama
  • Paleobiogeography of the tropical Eastern Pacific and Caribbean during the Cenozoic

Selected Publications

Hendy, A.J.W., 2013. Spatial and stratigraphic variation of marine paleoenvironments in the Upper Miocene Gatun Formation, Isthmus of Panama. Palaios.

Pimiento, C., Gonzalez-Barba, G., Ehret, D.J., Hendy, A.J.W., MacFadden, B.J., and Jaramillo, C., 2013. Sharks and rays (Chrondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) from the Late Miocene Gatun Formation of Panama. Journal of Paleontology.

Pimiento, C., Hendy, A.J.W., Jaramillo, C., MacFadden, B., Montes, C., Gonazlez-Barba, G., Suarez, S., and Shipprit, M., 2012. Early Miocene Chondrichthyes from the Culebra Formation, Panama: A window into marine vertebrate faunas before closure of the Central American Seaway. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 42: 159-170.

Hendy, A.J.W., 2011. Taphonomic overprints on Phanerozoic trends in biodiversity: Lithification and other secular megabiases, in Allison, P.A. and Bottjer, D.J. (eds.), Taphonomy: Process and bias through time. Plenum Press, p. 19-77.

Brett, C.E., Allison, P., and Hendy, A.J.W., 2011. Comparative taphonomy of small-scale mixed carbonate/siliciclastic cycles: Cambrian to Neogene examples, in Allison, P.A. and Bottjer, D.J. (eds.), Taphonomy: Process and bias through time. Plenum Press, p. 107-198.

Hendy, A.J.W., Kamp, P.J.J., and Vonk, A.J., 2009. Late Miocene turnover of molluscan faunas, New Zealand: taxonomic and ecological reassessment of diversity changes at multiple spatial and temporal scales. Palaegeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 280: 275-290.

Miller, A.I., Aberhan, M.J., Buick, D.P., Bulinski, K.V., Freguson, C.A., Hendy, A.J.W., and Kiessling, W., 2009. Phanerozoic trends in the global geographic disparity of marine biotas. Paleobiology 35: 612-630.

Hendy, A.J.W., 2009. Lithification and the measurement of biodiversity. Paleobiology 35: 42-57.

Alroy, J., Aberhan, M., Bottjer, D.K., Foote, M., F├╝rsich, F.T., Harries, P.J., Hendy, A.J.W., et al., 2008. Sampling-standardized Phanerozoic trends in the diversity of marine organisms. Science 321: 97-100.

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