Associated Staff

Sean W. Roberts

Sean W. Roberts

Museum Operations Specialist
Invertebrate Paleontology
241 Dickinson Hall
1659 Museum Road
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 273 2108

A.A., 2003, Santa Fe College

Staff Duties and other Activities

  • Collection, preparation, cataloging, GIS databasing, and photography of worldwide collection of fossil invertebrates with focus on the SE USA and Caribbean. Oversee data entry personnel.
  • Member of the National Speleological Society, the Florida Speleological Society (Board Member since 2001, currently serving as President), and the Florida Geological Survey Springs and Swallett Project (2005)

Research Interests

Exploration and mapping of Florida caves (both underwater and dry) with photographic documentation and voucher collecting of fossil invertebrates found therein, specifically Eocene age arthropods and echinoderms.

Recent Publications

Kittle, B.A., Portell, R.W., Lee, H.G., and Roberts, S.W., 2013. Mollusca – Nashua Formation (Late Pliocene to Early Pleistocene). Florida Fossil Invertebrates, Part 15.

Portell, R.W., Kittle, B.A., and Roberts, S.W., 2012. Cephalopoda – Eocene to Middle Miocene. Florida Fossil Invertebrates, Part 14.

Portell, R.W., and Roberts, S.W., 2009. New calcitic-shelled marine invertebrates from the Eocene Ocala Limestone exposed in two North Florida caves (Jackson Blue Spring and Catacombs). Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs 41 (1): 53.